Live Nation acquires majority stake in Sweden Rock

LN.jpgWe are pleased to announce that Live Nation Sweden has acquired a majority stake in Sweden Rock Festival - one of Sweden's most successful and longest running festivals. The acquisition is a part of Live Nation's long-term investment strategy of building a stronger festival platform and Sweden Rock gets a strong international owner, which enables the festival to advance its position in the market even further.


For a while now, Live Nation Sweden and Sweden Rock Festival have been discussing possible forms of collaboration. Today the companies can reveal that Live Nation has acquired a majority of the Sweden Rock Festival shares.

"We are very pleased to have realized this deal", explains Mats Natvig, CEO of Sweden Rock Festival. "For many years, we have continuously developed the content, service and security at Sweden Rock Festival. Joining forces with Live Nation will give us the very best conditions to further develop our festival for the future."

Martin Forssman, Head Promotor at Sweden Rock Festival, continues: "The live entertainment industry is moving more and more towards few, large companies booking artists for shows in many countries and during long periods of time. In that environment, a cooperation with Live Nation is the ultimate way forward for us."

Thomas Johansson, Chairman International Music, Live Nation: "Sweden Rock has done a fantastic job and has been one of Sweden's best and most loved festivals over many years, so we are very happy and excited to be able to work with them and evolve the festival even further."

Carl Pernow, President, Live Nation Nordic:  "I am proud to add Sweden Rock to our already strong festival portfolio. The way the team behind Sweden Rock has developed the festival is impressive."


Same operations and spirit

The change in ownership will not affect the way the festival is being operated. The company and the festival will be run by the same staff and management, and in the same manner.


Both the festival and its headquarters will remain in Sölvesborg. The musical orientation will stay the same, and the current promoter team will continue booking the artists, now with assistance from the team at Live Nation.


Dates for coming festivals stand firm; the festival will - as usual - take place during four days in June, two weekends before midsummer - which for 2017 means June 7-10th.


Aerosmith is the first band that has been announced for Sweden Rock Festival 2017. On November 24th more bands will be announced and tickets go on sale.


About Live Nation Sweden AB
Live Nation Sweden is Sweden's largest concert promoter and booking agency and is behind over 2000 shows in Sweden every year and runs festivals such as Way Out West, Summerburst and many more. Live Nation Sweden is a part of Live Nation Entertainment - the world's leading live entertainment company.

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