Media Accreditation



MEDIA ACCREDITATION for Sweden Rock Festival 2023


 - The accreditation period for the 2023 festival is now over -




In order to receive press accreditation for Sweden Rock Festival, you will first need to have a pronounced and verifiable assignment to cover the festival, from a well-established magazine or news site.


In addition, you will need to carefully fill in all the information asked for in the application system. 


All persons granted press accreditations will get access to the press tent, press area and the VIP area. Selected journalists from large medias will be given free accreditations, but the number of free accreditations is limited. 


Photo vests

The maximum number of photographers that can fit in the photo ditches also naturally limits the total number of photo vests we are able to distribute. For many years now, the demand for photo vests has outweighed the availability, and this will most likely happen again this year. The decision about who will get access to photo vests are made by the Pressteam, some time in May.


More information
If you have any questions, please start by browsing our website for answers. You are also welcome to email   



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