Accreditation Music Business


If you are involved in the music business, you can apply for an accreditation for Sweden Rock Festival. By music business, we mean record labels and distributors, managements, concert and festival promoters, manufacturers and distributors of musical instruments, and similar.

All applications will be assessed by our management team. Most approved applicants will be granted VIP upgrades while still having to pay the regular ticket price. Only a very limited number of approved applications will also include free entry.

Please check in at "Ackrediteringen" ("Accreditations") and NOT at the general ticket exchange!
All you need to bring is your valid ID. Without valid ID we will not be able to assist you on site. The check-in staff will have the same information that is listed in your confirmation e-mail on file.

More information
For more information about bands, accommodation and many other things, please visit our website. If you still have questions after visiting our website, you are welcome to email us at


More information
If you have any further questions, please browse our website for answers. If you still have questions, you are welcome to email us on if it concerns music business.




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