To buy your tickets, use this link:  TICKETMASTER

Please be careful to only buy your tickets from our official ticket partner Ticketmaster. That way you can rest assure that you are getting a valid ticket.



In order to buy Sweden Rock tickets, you need to be logged in to the Ticketmaster site. If you don't already have an account, you need to create one beforehand. That can be done here: create account  


Once you have gotten your position in the queue, you don't need to do anything but wait. Once you have entered the queue, do not refresh or you may lose your spot.


Delivery of tickets

After the purchase is completed, the tickets will be delivered to your mailbox (it may take a little bit of time) - and also become available on Ticketmaster's "My Account". Would you for some reason like to have them mailed to your postal address, that is possible too.

In short:

1. Log in and find the Sweden Rock-event

2. From here on you only wait for your turn

3. When you enter the event page - find and choose the tickets you'd like

4. Follow the purchasing instructions given

5. After you have paid, you will end up on a confirmation page

6. Wait for the tickets to arrive in your mailbox, or download them from "My account"


Maximum number of tickets per person and in total

The maximum number of tickets you can buy is six, in order to make it harder for companies and/or persons buying with the sole purpose of reselling. At the same time, we want groups of friends to be able to make sure that everyone in the group gets a ticket, even if the tickets sell fast like last year.


All-in Wednesday

In 2023, we're not doing the traditional "soft start" and instead going all out from the first day of the festival. And we're holding nothing back: the entire area is open, all stages are up and running, and we also promise an outstanding line-up on the opening day. Gates therefore open at 12:00, on Wednesday June 7th. 



The ticket prices for 2023 look like this:

4-day ticket:  3798 SEK 

4-day VIP ticket:  4998 SEK 

3-day ticket:  3198 SEK  - SOLD OUT


1-day ticket: 1598 SEK - vill go on sale Feb 28th at 11 am (CET)

1-day VIP ticket: 2798 SEK - will go on sale Feb 28th at 11 am. (CET)


Parking 1: 550 SEK - SOLD OUT

Parking 2: 450 SEK


Bus Wristband Zone 1: 799 SEK

Bus Wristband Zone 2: 899 SEK


Tickets are not personal

Just like previous years, the Sweden Rock tickets are not personal. That means that you are able to buy tickets for someone else. However, please note that the person who will be using the festival wristband is the one who must bring the ticket to the ticket office at the festival him- or herself.


In case of illness

If you are interested in a cancellation insurance valid for illness, you can sign up for one in connection to your ticket purchase. Read more about the insurance here: ticketmaster insurance


Re-sale Service

If you for any reason need to resell your ticket, Ticketmaster will from March 1st offer a safe service called Re-Sale. More information about how this works can be found via Ticketmaster's own website.



The only time we will reimburse your ticket, is if the whole festival is cancelled. We are not able to reimburse you for cancellation of occasional concerts or switches of days for occasional bands.


The festival organizer claims the right to buy back tickets in case of government restrictions to the capacity of the festival. 

If you need customer support

If you need help or have questions, Ticketmaster has a customer support at your disposal. They can be reached Monday - Friday between 09:00 - 17:00 on this number: +46-771- 70 70 70. You can also e-mail them at: info@ticketmaster.se



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