Our genre is one of the most male-dominated in the music industry. At Sweden Rock Festival, in collaboration with 'Studiefrämjandet', we have been striving to give more girls a natural place within the festival's arena for new bands. Therefore, in 2018, Sweden Rock Kollo was born - a joint initiative to encourage, support, and promote girls who want to play rock and metal.

Young girls start playing music to about the same extent as young boys, but unfortunately, few choose to further engage in rock and metal. The reasons for this are surely many and complicated, but it is clear that both societal attitude changes and long-term efforts from music industry players will be required to address the situation.

In collaboration with Studiefrämjandet Musik

Together with Sweden's largest study association in music, we want to make a difference, and therefore, in 2018, we created a tailor-made rock camp for girls.

With Sweden Rock Kollo, we want to reach a new level and show interested girls that they belong in the bands and on the stages as much as in the audience.

Camp life with a focus on hard rock

Sweden Rock Camp is for girls aged 14 - 17 and is located at the historic Hällevik camp in Sölvesborg municipality. At the camp, there are several rehearsal rooms and opportunities for participants to live, learn, and breathe rock music for five days. There is also space for sun, swimming, and cozy camp life. The camp is led by young women who play in bands and it concludes with a visit to the festival.

The purpose of Sweden Rock Camp is to bring together and inspire young girls who want to play rock in bands. Our hope is that many who may be playing alone in their rooms today will have the opportunity to develop their skills together with others - and therefore be strengthened in their interest and continue within the genre.







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