Sustainable metal

For many years, Sweden Rock has worked in different ways to try to minimize the festival's environmental impact. For example, we have sorted and recycled all of the festival garbage, used climate-friendly energy and switched to a water-efficient sanitation. However, each department has more or less worked separately, and we have not always been good at telling our visitors about the work that has been done. A few years ago however, we began a more systematic environmental undertaking, aiming to structure and systemize the work that we do, and to further improve ourselves within the area. We are convinced that a greater focus on sustainability will not only make our festival better, but by sharing our plans we also hope to inspire others.


Our project has been guided by sustainability bureau Live Green, and has included everything from sustainability detectives analyzing the current festival, to internal workshops and analyses. The work then resulted in a sustainability plan, which includes short- and long term activities, and will function as both an internal work tool and as a model for presenting the progress.


Below, we describe some of the activities that are already underway - and some that we are planning to undertake shortly.



All trash from the festival area is sorted and recycled. This has been done for years, and will of course continue.


Energy and vehicles

Via our partner Enkla Elbolaget, we supply the festival area with environmentally friendly, locally produced energy. We also strive to successively replace our fossil-driven vehicles with more sustainable alternatives. Additions 2019: We are using bio-friendly fuel for our working vehicles. We are also replacing some of the vehicles with electrified bikes.


Sanitetary units

A few years ago, we switched our water-flushing toilets to vacuum-flushing ones. This resulted in a reduction of water usage with 75 percent.


Food and Beverage

We strive for a larger share of the food and drink being served at the festival to be organic and locally produced. We also wish to increase the proportion of vegetarian and vegan food, meaning that we actively will request these types ahead. In order to minimize food waste, we give left over portions to charity organizations. Additions 2019: We are bringing in a new supplier for staff food, allowing us to serve regionally produced meals. We are also adding more vegetarian and vegan options on the festival area.


Usage of disposables

This year, we switched to degradable silverware and plates in our own restaurants. Ahead, we will also request these types of alternatives from external vendors. Additions 2019: All the glasses on the festival area are replaced with PLA-glasses, made from corn starch.



We also strive to increase our climate-smart, organic and ethically produced merchandise. As a beginning, this year we offered a number of t-shirts produced with organic cotton.  


Communication and digitalization

We embrace the digitalization process and minimize our usage of paper by phasing out printed material. For example, 2018 was our last year printing a festival program. By this decision only, we will reduce our paper consumption by 2000 kg. We also try to use Skype for meetings as often as possible.  


As we are now a part of a large global network (via Live Nation), we will continuously and mutually exchange ideas with other festivals of how to improve in the area of sustainability. Read more about Green Nation and our sustainability charter here.


Our sustainability plan is a first step for us and will naturally need to be continuously evaluated and evolved.  




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