The Darkness and Glenn Hughes confirmed

Nyhetsbrev-och-Hemsidenyhet_1.jpgAnother two acts have been confirmed for this summer's Sweden Rock Festival: The Darkness and Glenn Hughes performs classic Deep Purple.

The Darkness got their somewhat sensational breakthrough with their debut album "Permission to land" and accompanying hit single "I believe in a thing called love". After the 90's, when the general public seemed to shun everything reminiscent of the previous decade like the plague, The Darkness got the world into classic, melodic party friendly hard rock again. Anyone who missed them due to their late set last time they visited Sweden Rock is getting a new chance this summer!

Glenn Hughes became a household name as a member of Deep Purple in the mid 70's. For the first time ever, he will now be playing material exclusively from the three classic Purple albums he participated on: "Burn", "Stormbringer" and "Come taste the band". A given addition for the festival line-up, of course - not least since Glenn is still singing as amazingly as ever!

We're back in business! Vacation is over and the Sweden Rock-office is fully staffed again. We hope you all had a wonderful summer?! Our own batteries have been charged for sure, and we're now super excited to continue building a great festival for 2019.
Published 21 August 2018 at 11:45
THANK YOU - vacation mode is on! Now it's time for some well-needed vacation for the Sweden Rock team. Before we temporarily close down the office for the summer, we will - as we always do - finalize the evaluation process. Every year we evaluate our festival, in order to further develop and improve our performance next year. Therefore, we would like to THANK everyone who has been in touch with us to pass on input! We read everything and appreciate your dedication. Besides, your comments become an important piece of the puzzle in the planning process for next year - so much appreciated! August 20th we'll be...
Published 9 July 2018 at 14:57


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