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Sweden Rock 2019 is rapidly approaching. Our ambition is, of course, to offer this year's visitors a really nice festival experience, with focus on good music, high service and security.


Most things on the festival area will be the same as always, but below you can read about a selection of new additions and upgrades:


- We are increasing capacity and improving the access to toilets. In addition to the large lavatory villages from last year, we are adding two more. One between Rock and Festival Stage, and one by the Sweden-Stage area.


- We are increasing the festival surface by adding a new food area (read the piece of news about The Smoke Pit from a few days ago!), and also increasing the size of the VIP-area.


- The fresh water function in the partner-activity area returns, and we are also adding another fresh-water tap next to the disability ramp. The water posts by the toilets from last year will of course remain as well. 


- 2019 will be the first year when you can pay with your credit card in all of our bars. (But cash is still acceptable if that is your preferred choice.)


- The festival area will offer four Wi-Fi hotspots; one in the main bar, one by the Staropramen bar (sun deck) , one in The Smoke Pit and one the VIP area. 


- The Staropramen bar will get a larger sun deck, and the Brooklyn bar will double in size and move to an area between Festival Stage and the VIP area.


- In the area between Sweden Stage and Rock Stage, we will open a Jacobs-Creek wine bar, offering an organic range of wine by the glass. 


- As always, your safety is at the top of our agenda, and something that we work extra hard with improving each year. One addition we can mention, is that we will this year team the hosts and hostesses patrolling the area with HLR-educated personnel. Each team will also carry a portable defibrillator with them at all times.


Welcome to Sweden Rock Festival 2019!

Pictures from Sweden Rock 2019! More pictures from this year's festival are now available in our picture gallery !
Published 19 June 2019 at 11:57
Myrath to play second show! The Tunisian band Myrath played an amazing show on the tent stage this afternoon. Not only does their melodic, middle-eastern metal sound highly original - they also put on a great show with fire jugglers, a dancer and an illusionist. After Behemoth unfortunately had to cancel their show tonight, Myrath have now agreed to stand in for them on extremely short notice and play their second Sweden Rock show of the day. We are of course aware that Myrath is a smaller band and play a completely different kind of music than Behemoth, but their show earlier today was truly spectacular...
Published 8 June 2019 at 21:15
Behemoth show cancelled Extremely sad news: several members of Behemoth have been stranded on Frankfurt airport due to flight problems. Because of this, the band will not be able to play their show tonight. The band sent the following message to their fans at Sweden Rock: "Legions of Sweden Rock - due to an error made by our airline, we have been forced to cancel tonight's show. This was an extremely important show for us; we tried to rectify the situation for the parts of our touring party affected but were met with further delays meaning we are unable to make it to the...
Published 8 June 2019 at 20:41


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