Sweden Rock Festival 2015 sold out

aasdsdasf.jpgAll tickets for this year's festival are now sold out - sooner than ever before in the history of the festival! Focus now will be on setting the very last details and making sure that we deliver a really good festival.

Nick Bowcott to join Grim Reaper at Sweden Rock

Nick-Bowcott_0.jpgIt has now been confirmed that original guitarist Nick Bowcott will be performing when Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper play Sweden Rock Festival this summer. This will be the second time in 25 years, and the first time in Europe, that Nick performs with the band he founded in 1979.

Abramis Brama to replace Electric Mary      

brax.jpgElectric Mary has unfortunately cancelled their European tour this summer and will therefore not come to Sweden Rock Festival. They will be replaced by the Swedish band Abramis Brama!


Stockholm's Abramis Brama formed in 1997, and became the first prominent hard-rock band with Swedish lyrics in a long time. Their sound is inspired both by Swedish legends like November and Träd Gräs Och Stenar, and Black Sabbath and Kyuss, even if many tend to label it "stoner rock". Since 1999, Abramis Brama have released six studio albums, most recently "Enkel biljett" (One way ticket) in 2014. Said album's title track and single has joined the band's collection of cult tracks, including "Mamma talar" (Mother speaking), "Säljer din själ" (Selling your soul) and "Svart" (Black).

The running order for Sweden Rock 2015 is now complete!

flyyg2.jpgThe running order for Sweden Rock 2015 is now complete and you find it by clicking here!

NEMIS - New Music In Sweden

nemiss1.jpgFor ten years now, Sweden Rock Festival has cooperated with the organization Studiefrämjandet to promote new music being created in Sweden.

Hence, we are extra proud to present the 7 bands that this year will play on the stage called Nemis - New Music In Sweden BROWSING COLLECTION, DECEPTION, MAIDA VALE, ROYAL RUCKUS, SAFEMODE, SEVENTRIBE and WASTED SHELLS
The band EGONAUT are already presented for Nemis 2015.

Celebrate Swedens National Day with Mustasch at Sweden Rock June 6!


In 2015, SRF's traditional celebration of Sweden's national day, June 6th, will be provided by one of the biggest hard rock bands in the country - Mustasch. The celebration begins at noon, at Rock Stage, as the band with the inimitable Ralf Gyllenhammar at the helm introduces an, if you will, "Mustaschified" version of Sweden's national anthem. This will of course be followed by a "regular" Mustasch concert, filled with unassuming, rough and groove-based hard rock. You can expect samples from the band's latest, and arguably heaviest, album "Thank you for the demon" (2014), as well as the classics such as "Double nature".  

Another seven acts for the Sweden Rock Festival confirmed!



We are happy to announce another seven acts for this summer's Sweden Rock Festival.


Ace Frehley is best known as the original solo guitarist in Kiss. These days, his focus is on his solo career and his latest album "Space Invader" (2014) marked his first Swedish album chart entry as a solo artist. On June 6th he will be back at the Sweden Rock Festival!


The Brits in The Darkness made a big splash with their amazingly energetic performance at the 2012 edition of the Sweden Rock Festival, so we are very happy to have them back. The timing is perfect too, with a new album coming out on May 20th. 

Expect some bonecrushingly hard, yet progressive grooves when Gojira roll into Sölvesborg for the first time. These Frenchies rank among the leaders of extreme metal at the moment and should absolutely not be missed if you are into groups like Meshuggah and Tool, or, for that matter, Metallica and Death.


The classic heavy metal band Riot was formed as early as in 1975. Unfortunately, the group's founder, Mark Reale, died in 2012, but the band has opted to continue under the name Riot V under guidance of bassist Don Van Stavern (who wrote most of the classics "Thundersteel" and "Privilege of power") and guitarist Mike Flyntz. We saw the new line-up perform last summer and can assure you that it is absolutely amazing!


The power metal genre has been in a bit of a rut in the last few years, but Gloryhammer is one new band that keeps the fire burning. If you are into dragons, swords, double bass drumming, falsetto vocals and epic choruses, this is definitely the band for you.

Swedish band Portrait count among the spearheads of the new wave of traditional metal. They are strongly influenced by Mercyful Fate and the cover of the super obscure Judas Priest song "Mother Sun" has been praised by Judas Priest themselves.


If you are following the TV series "Sons of anarchy", you will already have heard the rare mix of country, hard rock and blues made by "one man band" Scott H Biram. If not, it is about time you discover his music!


Earlier this week we also announced Spike's Free House. The Quierboys frontman Spike will bring Simon Kirke and Andy Fraser from free and a few more guest artists to celebrate Scottish rock legend Frankie Miller. You can also expect some classic Free-songs!

The Sweden Rock Festival is held in Sölvesborg on 3-6 June. A total of around 90 acts will be playing on 5 stages. The three- and four day tickets are available. 

Band competiton 2015: Final result!


Out of almost 2000 bands and two voting rounds the result in our band competition 2015 are:

2. M.O.B.

We give our wild card to: KEE MAN HAWK

All four bands will play Sweden Rock Festival 2015.
More information and presentations of the four bands will be up next week!

We would like to thank all bands that participated!

The last booking for our opening day, June 3rd, confirmed!


Swedish progressive death metal band Morbus Chron is the last booking confirmed for our opening day on Wednesday, June 3rd.

This means that the following bands will play this day: D-A-D, Evergrey, The Quireboys, Hell, Jon English, Lillasyster, Electric Mary, Hazy/Dizzy, Morbus Chron and The Order Of Israfel. One of the four band competition winners will be added to the Wednesday line-up. 

The 4-day ticket is just 200 SEK more than the 3-day ticket, so you get a lot of great bands and another great festival day at Sweden Rock for a small extra cost. But you need to hurry - the number of Wednesday visitors is limited to 13 000 and more than half the 4-day tickets have already been sold, so if you want the full Sweden Rock Festival experience it is time to get your ticket!

Buy your ticket here 

Winners of the signed guitars

Alexander Petrecz

Patrik Pettersson

Kenth Nilsson

Jonas Eksten

FREAK KITCHEN (Instead of the Masterplan guitar that was marked wrong on the box. Sorry about this)
Mikael Blixt

Another 19 acts confirmed for the Sweden Rock Festival!


We at the Sweden Rock Festival are happy to announce another 19 acts that have been confirmed for next year's Sweden Rock Festival, which will take place in Sölvesborg in southern Sweden June 3rd to 6th

Def Leppard are returning to Sweden Rock after seven years, and this time their setlist will be completely focused on their best known tracks. And considering that these Brits are one of the best-selling hard rock bands of all time, there are plenty of hits to choose from.


Five Finger Death Punch made a big impression on the main stage audience at Sweden Rock 2013 and have been one of the most requested acts since then. Now they will be back for what will be their only Swedish show next summer.

Meshuggah are making their long overdue Sweden Rock debut, Opeth will play their only Swedish concert next summer at Sweden Rock, Airbourne and Manfred Mann's Earth Band are making much anticipated comebacks and Exodus will arrive with legendary vocalist Steve Souza back by the microphone. Evergrey will be playing twice - an electric show on the Wednesday and an aoustic set two days later.

Jon English got plenty of attention and acknowledgement when his last Sweden Rock appearance was broadcast on national Swedish radio. This summer he returns for a more intimate performance at a smaller stage. Kaipa was one of the leading Swedish progressive acts in the 70's - for Sweden Rock, their classic line-up is reforming to play the group's early material under the name Kaipa Da Capo. The Swiss band Samael will be performing their classic black/industrial metal hybrid "Ceremony of Opposites" in its entirety.


Also added to the festival line-up are LillasysterMad MaxTony CareyAvatarElectric Mary, Battle Beast,  Hazy/Dizzy and The Order Of Israfel.


In October, it was announced that, among several others, Mötley CrüeJudas PriestTotoBackyard Babies,HammerFallD-A-D and Dark Tranquillity will be performing at next year's Sweden Rock Festival.


For the full list of confirmed acts and biographies on all of them, please visit www.swedenrock.com. Another 50 acts will be announced during this winter.

Buy your tickets here!

Important information if you come to Sweden Rock Festival by car  


Route E22, the road that formerly passed right by the festival area, has now been redirectioned and no longer runs through the village of Norje. Of course, the old road is still there, but it is now called route 508. Please be mindful about the fact that many GPS systems have not been updated with these changes.




If you're driving North on E22 (coming from the South):  Pass the exits for the city of Sölvesborg, and instead exit on the one taking you towards Mjällby. Make a right towards Mjällby. After about 400 meters, turn left towards Norje. You are now on route 508, which takes you all the way to the festival area in Norje.


If you're driving South on E22 (coming from the North): Exit towards Olofström (this exit comes before you reach the city of Sölvesborg). In the roundabout, turn left towards Pukavik. After about 400 meters, in the next roundabout, turn right towards Norje. Now you are on route 508, which takes you all the way to the festival area in Norje.


Of course, there will also be signs pointing you towards "Sweden Rock Festival".

Grocery Store and Pharmacy during the festival

The Sweden-Rock grocery store Supermarket has expanded its product range even further this year. Breakfast bags to go, freshly-baked bread, Starbucks coffee, dairy products, fast foods, warm popcorn, candy, snacks, cold drinks and tobacco are just some of the products on the shelf this year.

Another piece of news is that an 18 meter long and well-stocked Pharmacy trailer will become Supermarket's next-door neighbor, making it much easier to tend to any health issues during the festival.

Festivalcampingen becomes Rockcampen

reft.jpgThe website for Rockcampen is now live (the camping site formerly called Festivalcampingen). The camp site has new management, but is still run by an external part (and not by the Sweden Rock organization). Read more about the camping site in English: www.rockcampen.com

Spike's Free House will perform at this years festival!

fraser.jpgOn March 16th, we received the tragic information that former Free bassist Andy Fraser had passed away. As he was supposed to have performed with Spike's Free House at this year's festival, we have waited for word on whether the show was to be cancelled or not. Now, the rest of the members, Spike (Quireboys), Simon Kirke (Free, Bad Company), Mark Stanway (Magnum) and Luke Morley (Thunder) have decided that the show must go on and that they will play the festival with Quireboys bass player Nick Mailing as replacement for Andy. It is also possible that there will be more guest musicians added, so don't miss this tribute to both Frankie Miller and Andy Fraser!

Three schedule changes

showBandPhoto7.jpgDue to a change in availability of one of this years bands, we have had to change a few things around in the running order. Dan Hylander will now be playing Saturday 15.15-16.00, Rockklassiker All-Stars are moving to Friday 13.45-14.30 and Mad Max are now playing Friday, 19.45-20.45. The running order has been updated on both our website and in our app.

Tony Carey to Sweden Rock with a full band!

As there has been such great interest in Tony Carey's show, Tony has decided - instead of just giving an acoustic performance - to bring his entire band to Sweden RockSo expect all his classic rock songs, the way they were supposed to sound!

The final Sweden Rock Festival 2015 artists confirmed!


We are thrilled to announce that the last of the 90 artists that will be playing at this year's Sweden Rock Festival have now been confirmed!

Their occult but highly accessible hard rock and strong image have quickly made Ghost one of the biggest bands in Sweden at the moment. At the time of their last Sweden Rock Festival visit, their career was in its infancy. Now they return to perform at a substantially bigger stage - and at night, naturally!

Funk rockers Extreme were among the biggest bands in the world in the early 90's. The group disbanded in 1996 after having sold more than 10 million albums, but since a few years, ace guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, singer Gary Cherone (ex-Van Halen) and bassist Pat Badger are back together and now they are coming to the Sweden Rock Festival for the first time ever!

Speaking of extreme: if you are into the more brutal side of metal, you may be pleased to learn of the addition of the Polish death-/black metallers Behemoth, the American metalcore veterans Hatebreed and All That Remains and Swedish black metal legends Marduk to the line-up.

Former Marillion frontman Fish is returning to Sweden Rock to perform the "Misplaced Childhood" album in its entirety. Others making return visits are party rock'n'roll masterMichael Monroe, melodic metal act Alestorm, the 4Sound promoted guitar competition Playalong Guitar Battle and the star-spangled Rockklassiker All-Stars. In contrast, the following acts are making their first ever appearances at the Sweden Rock Festival this summer: the classic, Swedish hard rock act Jerusalem, the goth vocalist trio The Sirens and cult heavy metal band Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper.

With that, all 90 acts for this year's festival have been announced!

We expect to also be able to announce the running order shortly.

Tent stage makes a comeback!


It's become clear that many of you have missed the previous stage tent on Sweden Rock. Hence we are happy to announce that the Rockklassiker stage tent makes a come back this year! The tent will decrease the sounds from other scenes - thus good news for the live performances on the Rockklassiker stage. But the new stage tent will also offer a great new spot to hang out. The tent will be large; 2000 square meters (40x50 m) and high ceilings allow for a bar, seating and an audience of 3000. Welcome to the new Rockklassiker stage tent on Sweden Rock 2015.

Luke Morley and Mark Stanway confirmed for Spike's Free House

spike1.jpgBesides Spike from Quireboys, Simon Kirke and Andy Fraser from Free have already been announced to join Spike's Free House at Sweden Rock this summer. Now the line-up is complemented by Luke Morley from Thunder and Mark Stanway from Magnum. Even more guests might be announced later, so make sure you don't miss this unique gig. 

4-day tickets to Sweden Rock 2015 sold out!

20141.jpgWow! It seems noone wants to miss Sweden Rock this summer! The demand for tickets has has never been this massive and the 4-day tickets sold out faster than ever before! 

We still have a few 4-day VIP tickets left and of course the regular 3-day tickets.

On Monday at 0900 CET we will release the 1-day tickets.

Another 5 acts confirmed for the Sweden Rock Festival 2015!

cob5.jpgAnother five acts have been confirmed for next year's Sweden Rock Festival:

Finnish metal band Children Of Bodom have not played in Sölvesborg since 2004, so it is about time for a return appearance by ace guitarist Alexi Laiho and his cohorts. The concert will be their only in Sweden next year.

The legendary funk rock band Mother's Finest played a fantastic show at the 2010 edition of the festival, but a big part of our audience missed it due to heavy rain. Now they will get another chance.

ELP, or Emerson, Lake & Palmer, is one of the biggest names in progressive rock history. Carl Palmer keeps the groups music alive with his Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy. We saw one of their shows recently and were so overwhelmed that we simply had to book them.

Hard, doomy and gloomy goth metal will be on the menu when My Dying Bride, who have had a big part in shaping the genre since the early 90's, come to Sölvesborg for the first time.

Beastmilk was formed in 2010 and gained cult status already as a demo act. Now they are one of the most talked about new rock bands in the world, and their sound has been compared to acts ranging from Roky Erickson to Misfits, Killing Joke, Joy Division and The Devil's Blood. If you have not discovered them yet, now is the time!

Previously, 49 other acts have been announced, among them are Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Slash, Toto and Backyard Babies. A full list and additional information about all the acts can be found on our web site. Another 35 acts are still to be announced.


Limited edition tickets sold out!

The 5000 limited edition 3- and 4-day tickets, which included either a T-shirt or a Sweden Rock Magazine subscription, are now completely sold out. Regular 3- and 4-day tickets are now available. 1-day tickets will be released in the spring.

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