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The Sweden Rock App is now updated and ready for 2014!

The Sweden Rock App is now updated and ready for 2014!


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There is a new company providing the festival shuttle bus service this year, and the bus time table will be kept simple to make it as failsafe as possible. The number of departures will be slightly limited, but more buses will be departing at the busiest hours of each day. 

This year, there will be no buses going to Kristianstad - instead, there will be hourly trains departing daytime, and a night train has been added to the time table, departing from Sölvesborg Station at 02.15. On June 6th and 7th this train will then continue on to Hässleholm. The night train will be at the station one hour before departure.

Bus tickets can be bought at the train station in Sölvesborg, on the buses and also at the bus stops at the festival area.

The bus time table can be found here:http://www.swedenrock.com/km/file/file/Tidtabeller1.pdf
A map of the bus routes can be viewed here:http://www.swedenrock.com/km/file/file/nobina-karta-.pdf

Time table for the night train 140605-140606 (nights between Wednesday-Thursday and Thursday-Friday)

Sölvesborg 02.15 Departure
Bromölla 02.22
Fjälkinge 02.28
Kristianstad 02.35 Arrival

Time table night train 140607-140608 (nights between Friday-Saturday and Saturday-Sunday)

Sölvesborg 02.15 Departure
Bromölla 02.22
Fjälkinge 02.28
Kristianstad 02.35 Arrival
Kristianstad 02.44 Departure
Önnestad 02.50
Vinslöv 02.55
Hässleholm 03.02 Arrival

To see the time table for the rest of each day, go tohttp://www.oresundstag.se/sv/Startsida-Otag/

Since there were reports of irregularities surrounding various taxi companies last year, we have made agreements with all the serious taxi service providers in the area in an attempt to improve the standards of these services for our guests. Eight different taxi companies have signed agreements about charging the same prices and providing similar services. These eight companies will be branded to show that are Sweden Rock partners and will have the exclusive right to enter the taxi pick-up zone in front of the restaurant and the Sweden Rock Shop. No other taxi companies will be allowed there and we advise against riding with taxi companies trying to pick up customers along the E22 road.

At the taxi zone, there will be staff who can answer questions about distances and prices.

With this, we hope that taxi travel will be made safer and cheaper for our guests, and that the working environment for those taxi companies trying to run legitimate businesses will be improved.

Running order changes + Necrophobic and Goda Grannar confirmed!

The running order has already been announced, but we couldn´t resist adding two acts anyway - Necrophobic and Goda Grannar are now confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival 2014! We have also made a few changes to the running order. Here is a run-through of all the updates:

Necrophobic are one of premier extreme metal bands and have lurked in the twilight zone between death and black metal since the early 90´s. Now, Anders Strokirk, who handled vocal duties on debut album "The nocturnal silence" is back in the foil! Full band presentation is available on the festival's website.
Comment from the booking team: Just before we announced the running order a couple of weeks ago, we changes the times around a bit and got room to add one more slot at the Rockklassiker Stage. We felt the line-up needed another good, hard metal act and Necrophobic are among the best in their genre so we are happy to have them onboard.

Goda Grannar (Good Neighbours) has been the festival house band since the start in 1992 and will pop up to play a few tunes when you least expect it this year too. More info about the band is available on the festival's website. 
Comment from the festival booking team: Having Goda Grannar walk around the festival site, spontaneously playing for our guests is a fun tradition that we want to keep going this year too!
Lynch Mob and Eddie Meduza Lever exchange dates and slots. Lynch Mob will now be playing Friday 15.45-16.45 while Eddie Meduza Lever will be playing Wednesday 18.30-19.30.
Comment from the booking team: Lynch Mob contacted us and asked to have their date changed to Friday since playing Wednesday no longer fitted their schedule. Luckily, Eddie Meduza Lever did not mind changing slots with them. We hope this does not mess up the planning for too many fans of these bands, but if we had not done this, Lynch Mob could have been forced to cancel, and naturally we wanted to avoid that. 

Skillet and Q5 exchange slots. Skillet will now be opening the Sweden Stage on Friday, 12.00-13.00, while Q5 will be playing at the same stage and day at 14.00-15.15. With this, Q5 and Talisman - A Tribute To Marcel Jacob no longer clash. 
Comment from the booking team: We have probably never had so many e-mails from our guests about a running order clash as we got about the clash between Q5 and Talisman - A Tribute To Marcel Jacob. Naturally, this is the way we should have done this from the start. 

Magnum's slot has been extended by 15 minutes. The British pomp rockers will now be playing 21.00-22.30 on Wednesday evening. 
Comment from the booking team: Originally, Magnum were meant to close Wednesday night, but then we got the opportunity to book Queensrÿche, who needed a late slot. Magnum didn´t mind moving to the penultimate Sweden Stage slot, but when it was announced, a lot of fans got in touch saying they had looked forward to Magnum playing a long set. To meet the wishes of the Magnum fans among our guests we have now added 15 minutes to Magnum's set. No other set lengths are affected as the 15 minutes are taken from the planned break between the Magnum and Queensryche concerts. 

Playalong with Roxie 77 has been added to the running order. As previously announced, Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie and his band Roxie 77 will play a few of their own songs before inviting 30 guitarists from the audience on stage for a rendition of Alice Cooper classic "School's Out" on Thursday, starting at 15.15. Info on how to join in can be found at: http://www.playalongmusic.com/en/liveyourdream

The Swedish national day celebrations with Janne Schaffer has been added to the running order. This year's national day celebrations will be handled by Swedish guitar legend Janne Schaffer, who has promised to deliver a crunchy, electric version of the Swedish national anthem with a guest. A perfect start to June 6th!

Final running order up now!

asasfasaserrrr.jpgHere is the final running order for Sweden Rock 2014

Click here to see when the bands play! 

Last four bands confirmed


Joe Bonamassa is arguably the superstar of contemporary blues rock. Since his debut in 2000 he has released ten studio albums (most recently "Driving towards the daylight" in 2012) with an eleventh one on the way. In addition there's been six live albums, not to mention the three albums he made with hard rock super group Black Country Communion. Being prolific hasn't depleted Joe's creative reserves, and his popularity just keeps on rising. His signature trait is not being mainly influenced by his American countrymen from the early days of blues, but by British 60s' and 70s' masters such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Rory Gallagher (OK, so he was Irish). Still, Americans like BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughan have left their mark in Joe's sound. The end result is something very special that has made Joe Bonamassa the hottest blues man in ages. SRF will be his only Swedish appearance in 2014.



Symphonic, dramatic metal with soprano vocals. A prominent breed of hard rock, mainly thanks to pioneers Nightwish and Within Temptation. The latter Dutchmen debuted in 1997 and got their break in 2001, with the single "Ice queen" off the album "Mother Earth" (2000). The colossal choruses and Sharon den Adel's equally colossal vocals took the audience by storm and Within Temptation has become one of Europe's biggest metal bands in our time. Hit singles like "Stand my ground", "Frozen" and "Faster" are all but classics already, and the band's record sales in total exceed 3 million copies. Within Temptation's current and sixth album "Hydra" has reached #1 in six countries, Sweden included, and is quickly becoming their biggest success so far - not least in the US. And your only chance to see them live in Sweden this year, is to attend SRF.


Looking for a new favorite band in the Celtic folk punk category? Check out Sweden bases Sir Reg. The band was formed in 2009 by bona fide Irishman Brendan Sheehy (vocals, acoustic guitar) and his long-standing cohort Karin Ullvin (violin). Since then, their resumé has expanded to include three albums and touring with the Misfits, for instance. Sir Reg have always met with good reviews and their latest album "21st century losers" (2013) was nominated in the "breakthrough of the year" and "best Swedish album" categories at the Bandit Rock Awards (arguably Sweden's most influential rock radio station). If you're into Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly, try Sir Reg.



Last year's hit project Rockklassiker All-Stars are back on the Rockklassiker Stage! After their success appearance last year, Swedish radio station Rockklassiker's "action reporter" Heavy is once again setting out to find guest stars to appear with the band at Sweden Rock. Who those guests are will be announced as they get confirmed during this spring. The backbone of the band will be the same as last year: Heavy (Dökött, Mimikry), Ian Haugland (Europe), Bosse Lindmark (Dalton) and Magnus Söderman (The Playboys).

More bands confirmed for Nemis Stage

Nemis1.jpgAnother seven bands confirmed for the Nemis Stage at Sweden Rock Festival 2014:



Billy Idol, Black Stone Cherry and Pain of Salvation klara!


Read more about the bands here!

Queensrÿche to Sweden Rock Festival 2014. Will play Wednesday, June 4!

QR-Picture-50.jpgThe "thinking man's metal" of the 80s and the progenitors of prog metal. Queensrÿche from Seattle released their first record in 1983, the universally lauded mega classic "Operation: Mindcrime" in 1988, and the chart-conquering "Empire" in 1990. Most of their later products are of a more alternative metal-like persuasion, making fans' opinion of them divided. In 2012, singer Geoff Tate was fired under spectacular circumstances, and two new Queensrÿches appeared. The version featuring the four "old" members plus singer Todd LaTorre (ex-Crimson Glory) went back to the Queensrÿche roots, to the delight of nostalgic fans. The album "Queensrÿche" (2013) became the band's most popular release in years. Now their new singer will get to prove his value in front of a crowd that truly love their Queensrÿche - the crowd at SRF.

Avatarium to Sweden Rock 2014


Leif Edling is the doom metal king of Sweden. As bassist and leader of Candlemass he's one of the most influental Swedish metal musicians ever, and in addition his resumé includes Krux, Nemesis and Abstrakt Algebra. His new band Avatarium is unmistakably him, but at the same time more strongly influenced by 70s' hard rock. The amazing, blues-influenced singer Jennie-Ann Smith is aslo a key ingredient in the distinct Avatarium sound. Along with guitarist Marcus Jidell (ex-Royal Hunt, Evergrey), drummer Lars Sköld (Tiamat) and keyboardist Carl Westholm (Krux, Candlemass), they released their lauded debut "Avatarium" in 2013. In 2014 they will be seducing doom metal lovers from the stage as well.

Tesla and Danger Danger to Sweden Rock!



The late 80s melodic hard rock scene was dominated by hair metal and glam. And then there was Sacramento's Tesla, proud and brilliant defenders of traditional, blues-based songwriting. Their first four records, released 1986-91, were great successes and spawned such classics as "Love song", "The way it is", "Signs" and "Edison's medicine". Tesla split up in 1996 but returned triumphantly with the album "Into the now" in 2004. As this is being written the band is working on their seventh studio album, that with any luck will be available in good time prior to SRF.



Casual viewers mistook them for a generic hair metal band. However, Danger Danger from New York were world class musicians and the albums "Danger Danger" (1989) and "Screw it" (1991) have acquired legendary status. Songs like "Naughty naughty", "Bang bang" and "I still think about you" won many fans even at their time of release, but then the band's career was undermined by new musical trends and internal turmoil. In 2004 they reunited with original singer Ted Poley and appeared at SRF - a concert that is often mentioned as one of the most classic in the festival's history. Many have yearned for Danger Danger's return to SRF. That time is now upon us.

Canned Heat to Sweden Rock!

In the US of the late 60s, the hippy era if you will, Canned Heat were one of the major rock bands. Their recipe of success was based on the most traditional of blues sounds with some psychedelic rock vibes on top. Around this time, Canned Heat appeared at the legendary Monterey and Woodstock festivals and had big hits like "Going up the country" and "On the road again". Over the years the band has endured a lot of hardships and several members have moved on to the big jamsession in the sky. Canned Heat's cult status remains intact, however, and these days the flame is being carried on by veteran members Fito de la Parra (drums), Larry Taylor (bass, vocals, guitar) and Harvey Mandel (guitar), joined by Dale Spalding (guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals).

Heaven's Basement confirmed!


Tough rock'n'rollers Heaven's Basement formed in 2008 and opened for Bon Jovi even before their debut EP was released. Through years of relentless touring the band cultivated a large fanbase in their native Britain. 2012 saw the arrival of single "Fire, fire", followed by debut album "Filthy empire" in February 2013. Both were very well received on the international market and also met with great reviews. The album has since produced follow-up singles "Nothing left to lose" and "I am electric". With a brand of rock both modern and timelessly gritty, Heaven's Basement are currently one of the hottest bands around.

Kvelertak till Sweden Rock!

kvelertak1.jpgKvelertak (stranglehold in Norwegian) is currently one of the hottest metal acts in Scandinavia. The six-piece featuring three guitarists play a remarkable hybrid of heavy metal, punk, black metal and rock'n'roll - and with Norwegian lyrics. Their debut "Kvelertak" (2010) went gold in Norway and also achieved international recognition. James Hetfield of Metallica is one self-proclaimed fan of the band, and not least their singer Erlend Hjelvik. The second album "Meir" (2013) went to #1 in Norway and met with success all over Europe.

Pretty Maids confirmed!

Maids-motherland-press.jpgSince their beginnings in 1981, Pretty Maids have stuck to their own thing: traditional, melodic hard rock bordering on heavy metal. This has given them a very devoted fanbase and a position as one of Scandinavia's most legendary hard rock bands. The first golden age of Pretty Maids is the mid-80s and the albums "Red hot and heavy" (1984) and "Future world" (1987). Their second golden age would actually be the present. Their two most recent albums "Pandemonium" (2010) and "Motherland" (2013) have been enthusiastically received by old and new fans alike - we're talking classic Pretty Maids, stylistically and qualitywise. Singer Ronnie Atkins, guitarist Ken Hammer and cohorts are in for an even warmer welcome than usual at SRF 2014.

Blues Pills to Sweden Rock.

A new star has appeared in the Swedish rock'n'roll heavens, in the area where the heritage of the great 60s and 70s are being preserved. Swedish/American/French constellation Blues Pills was formed in December 2011 and their debut mini album "Devil man" appeared in October 2013. The band has been praised by both critics and such prominent colleagues as Amorphis, Witchcraft and Orchid. Their sound could have come straight out of the 1967 when Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Janis Joplin and Fleetwood Mac ruled. The performance is classy, the groove is impeccable and Elin Larsson sings superbly. At times even in Swedish.

Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel to Sweden Rock 2014!


 Jake E Lee is, rightly so, remembered as one of the seminal guitar heroes of the 80s. He secured his place in metal history as Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist on such classic songs as "Bark at the moon", "So tired" and "Shot in the dark". Later he formed cult band Badlands with fellow luminaries Ray Gillen (RIP) on vocals and Eric Singer on drums. Now Jake makes his long awaited return with his new project Red Dragon Cartel. An album is on its way, featuring guest stars Paul Di'Anno (ex-Iron Maiden), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) and Maria Brink (In This Moment), and on their first world tour the band will make a stop at... you guessed it, SRF 2014.


Black Sabbath to Sweden Rock!


One of the biggest hard rock bands ever, and without question the most influential one. Few are the subgenres of hard rock that don't derive from Black Sabbath. The Birmingham behemoths changed the map of hard music for ever. Tony Iommi's detuned, ultra-heavy riffs, Geezer Butler's distorted, pulsating basslines, Bill Ward's explosive drumming, Ozzy Osbourne's unique, wailing vocals... The combination was totally unprecedented. In 1970-78 this lineup released eight albums, filled with dark and at times controversial classics. "Black sabbath", "Paranoid", "Iron man", "Children of the grave" and many more.
After the original band broke up, Black Sabbath still kept creating stellar music, fronted by such legendary singers as Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes and Tony Martin. Still, the fans were obviously excited beyond belief when the classic lineup eventually reunited. And finally, in 2013, their comeback album "13" was released. The success actually surpassed everybody's expectations - and at this point in time, we announce Black Sabbath to SRF 2014. Which will also be the only Swedish appearance that year for Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and drummer Tommy Clufetos.

Saga, with Michael Sadler to Sweden Rock!

Progressive rock with hooks and plenty of keyboards. Such was the recipe that made Canadians Saga a popular outfit. The band debuted in 1978 and found their greatest success with the albums "Worlds apart" (1981) and "Heads or tales" (1983). However, Saga remain popular to this day, although many fans were shocked by the departure of original vocalist Michael Sadler in 2007. As it turned out, this departure was no farewell. Sadler officially returned to Saga in 2011 and made his album comeback with the band on the following year's "20/20". Now the time has come to announce Saga's first SRF performance with Sadler on vocals.

Paul DiAnno vs Blaze Bayley to Sweden Rock!


Paul DiAnno vs Blaze Bayley (UK)

SRF introduces a blissful occasion for Iron Maiden-aficionados, Wednesday June 4. Paul Di'Anno sang on the band's two first albums "Iron Maiden" (1980) and "Killers" (1981) - heavy metal history in spades. He has since moved on to such acts as Praying Mantis and Killers. Blaze Bayley, in turn, was drafted from Wolfsbane to front Iron Maiden in the 90s, more specifically on the dark and ominous-sounding "The x factor" (1995) and "Virtual XI" (1998). He is nowadays a highly respected solo artist. This concert, featuring the two Iron Maiden singers on the same stage, will be the first of its kind in Scandinavia - and the last. Paul Di'Anno has announced his retirement from music after 2014, making this SRF event his farewell to his Nordic fans. Another reason for every trur Iron Maiden-fan to be there to salute two bona fide heavy metal heroes.

Annihilator confirmed to play Sweden Rock!


Melodic thrash metal with progressive overtones. That's one way to summarize Annihilator, one of the most legendary names in Canadian metal. The band, centered around phenomenal guitarist Jeff Waters, caused a sensation with their first two albums "Alison hell" (1989) and "Never, neverland" (1990). The 90s were tougher on them, due to a changed musical climate and countless lineup changes. But Annihilator rode the storm out, to enter a new golden age from "Criteria of a black widow" in 1999. The year 2003 also saw them reach stability, with singer/guitarist Dave Padden becoming Waters' sideman. To date Annihilator have released fourteen studio albums - most recently "Feast" (2013) - and sold two million records. 

4-day tickets now sold out.

Eng.jpgThe 14000 4-day tickets are now completely sold out.

We still have a fair amount of 1-day tickets available, but 3-day tickets are selling faster than ever so this year you should really make sure to get your ticket in time. 

Welcome to Sweden Rock Festival 2014!


IP phone services available at Sweden Rock 2014

When large crowds gather it usually gets difficult to use mobile phones as the phone nets get overloaded and Sweden Rock Festival is no exception. The major phone service providers say that they cannot do more about this than they already have, so we have invited Malmö based company Teletek to provide IP phone services at cost price. In their tele lounge located by the VIP bar entrance, there will be 10-12 stationary IP telephones and the cost will be 5 SEK per 5 minutes call. This will be a flat rate for worldwide calls, so the price will be the same if you call a friend on the South Pole or the taxi service in Karlshamn. 

Wi-Fi at Sweden Rock Festival 2014!


Many of our guests have requested Wi-Fi access during the festival. We are now happy to announce that Wi-Fi will be available this summer, courtesy of Karlshamn-based company Network Solutions. Said company will set up a number of Wi-Fi hotspots on the festival area for a maximum of 2500 simultaneous users. The max limit will be in place to ensure that everyone who has paid for the service is able to use it. Providing a network with access for all festival guests at the same time is not possible for the time being due to technical limitations.

The price for using this Wi-Fi will be:


20 SEK/hour

60 SEK/day

150 SEK for 5-7 June

180 SEK for 4-7 June.


Access codes will be available for purchase at the Network Solutions Wi-Fi centre, located next to the VIP bar entrance but also at the ticket exchange from June 3. At the Wi-Fi centre, there will also be around a dozen stationary computers available for use at 50 SEK/30 min.

We in the festival management team are happy to have found a company able to provide these services, and we also hope that this will help reduce 3G traffic and make it at least a little bit easier to call and send text messages during the festival.

VIP-tickets almost sold out

unnamed-23.jpgOur limited 4-day VIP-tickets are almost sold out, so if you want some extra goodies and be able to hang in the backstage bar, it's time to buy your ticket now!

Buy tickets here!!

Ted Nugent to Sweden Rock. This will be his only show in Europe 2014!


He had his first hit, "Journey to the center of the mind", as a member of the Amboy Dukes in 1968. 1975 marked his official debut as a solo artist. Today, Ted Nugent is a long established icon in American hard rock history. He's one of the major guitar heroes. Songs like "Stranglehold", "Motor city madhouse", "Dog eat dog" and "Cat scratch fever" are classics and perennial faves with fans of fat and groove-based rock. To date, Ted Nugent has sold around 30 million albums and made way over 6 000 concerts. In 2014 he returns to SRF, teamed up with his classic vocalist/rhythm guitarist Derek St. Holmes, bassist Greg Smith (ex-Alice Cooper, Rainbow) and drummer Mick Brown (ex-Dokken) - which will also be his one and only European performance this year.

Madam X and Skillet confirmed to play Sweden Rock Festival 2014!


Madam X was part of the 80s' spectacular glam metal scene, spearheaded by Mötley Crüe, WASP and Twisted Sister. However, Madam X released only one album, "We reserve the right" (1984). This on the other hand became a favorite among metalheads, not least in Sweden where the single "High in highschool" is hailed as a classic. Madam X consisted of two guys and two girls, and their imahe was highly sexual, bordering (sometimes entering) the pornographic. Now the band is reuinited, featuring all the original four: singer Bret Kaiser, bassist Chris "Godzilla" Doliber and sisters Maxine and Roxy Petrucci (Vixen) on guitar and drums respectively. This will be Madam X' debut in the Sweden where they have semi-mythological status - yet another piece of SRF history.



Skillet from Memphis formed in 1996 and is now a successful and established band in the American market. The band have released eight studio albums and received a platinum award for their second most recent, "Awake" (2009). Their sound was originally very grunge-influenced and has since expanded to include, for instance, alternative metal and nu metal. The members' Christian belifes are an important influence on their lyrics and image. Singer/bassist John Cooper is the mainstay in Skillet, and his wife Korey (guitar, keyboards), complete the frontduo of the hard working live act that is Skillet.

Foghat and Flotsam & Jetsam to Sweden Rock!


In 1970, three quarters of blues rockers Savoy Brown departed together. The following year, the three formed Foghat, which in turn became one of the biggest heavy blues rock bands of the 70s. In 1972-79, they released eight studio albums, a blockbuster live album and numerous hit singles, including "Slow ride", "Fool for the city" and "Drivin' wheel". To this day Foghat maintain their blues- and boogie roots, on stage and on record. Two of the classic members have passed away, so today drummer Roger Earl and bassist Craig MacGregor get admirable assistance from guitarist Bryan Bassett (ex-Molly Hatchet) and masterful vocalist Charlie Huhn (ex-Ted Nugent, Gary Moore).



In 1986, Phoenix' Flotsam And Jetsam debuted with "Doomsday for deceiver", an album that caused a sensation with thrash metal-fans. After bassist Jason Newsted departed to a certain Metallica, Flotsam And Jetsam released their next album "No place for disgrace" (1988). Henceforth the band's sound developed into more progressive heavy metal, but their two first albums remains the thrash crowds' favorites. In 2014, the Flotsam And Jetsam lineup that created "No place for disgrace" is back. The band has re-recorded the now highly collectable album and will play in Sweden for the very first time at SRF. Guess which era of their history that the setlist will be based on?

Lynch Mob and Backstreet Girls confirmed to play June 4!

Lynch Mob (US)

George Lynch was a member of Dokken in the 80s and is one of the most famous guitarists of that era. In 1989 he left Dokken to form his own band Lynch Mob. These in turn created two albums of well-crafted melodic hard rock, "Wicked sensation" (1990) and "Lynch Mob" (1992). Lynch Mob folded in 1994 but George has resurrected the band on several occasions. At present Lynch Mob are working on their seventh studio album and are about to make their SRF debut. Their current lineup is a starstudded one: George, original vocalist Oni Logan, bassist Robbie Crane (ex-Vince Neil, Ratt) and drummer Brian Tichy (ex.Foreigner, Whitesnake and many, many more).


Backstreet Girls (Nor)

Backstreet Girls are entirely unconnected with a certain boyband of a similar name. The Norwegian ensemble has been around since 1984 and their influences bear names like Ramones and Rose Tattoo. In their homeland, Backstreet Girls are somewhat legendary after lauded albums like "Boogie til you puke" (1988), "Party on Elm Street" (1989) and "Sick my duck" (2003). 2014 marks the band's 30th anniversary. This will be celebrated by, for instance, releasing a 13th studio album and debuting at SRF. A given highpoint for you who appreciate fast-paced, groove-laden and tough rock'n'roll, spiced with boogie and punk.

The winners in our annual band competition!

We have the result in our band competition.

The three bands that got most votes and will get a spot at Sweden Rock Festival 2014 are:


And our WILD CARD goes to:


We like to thank all the band that participated and all of you who voted for your band!

There is a great future for rock music out there!

1-day tickets released!

The 1-day tickets to Sweden Rock Festival 2014 are now released. 1-day tickets will only be available in a limited number.


Click here to buy tickets to Sweden Rock 2014!

Ammotrack confirmed for Nemis Stage (New Music In Sweden)


Swedish Ammotrack released their second album "Come die with us" in 2011 and it was rewarded with 9/10 points in the big Swedish web zine Rocknytt and the album was a success much because of the single "Living like an angel".
Ammotrack will compete in the Swedish leg of Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song "Raise your hands", written by Ammotrack singer Mikael de Bruin tillsammans med Jari Kujansuu, Thomas "Plec" Johansson och Kalle Kindbom. In March the band will release their new album and head out on a Scandinavian tour that will have one stop at the Nemis Stage at Sweden Rock Festival 2014!

Winers of a bass signed by At The Gates and a guitar signed by Devin Townsend!




Alexander Ljungberg, Kristianstad - At The Gates

Mia Hult, Örebro - Devin Townsend

Volbeat to Sweden Rock!


Danes Volbeat have, among many other things, made two important points. Originality pays off, and even in our times an artist can still become really, really big.

In their native country, Volbeat made it big even with their debut "The strength/The sound/The songs" (2005). Since then, their career has not suffered one commercial setback. Each consecutive album - "Rock the rebel/Metal the Devil" (2007), "Guitar gangsters & Cadillac blood" (2008), "Beyond hell/Above heaven" (2010) an "Outlaw gentlemen & shady ladies" (2013) - has outsold its predecessor. Today, Volbeat are big on both sides of the Atlantic and boast arena status in Europe.

So what's their secret? Firstly, their musical recipe is ingenious and palatable - Johnny Cash meets Metallica, with all kinds of spicings from groove-based rock and brutal metal. Secondly, main man Michael Poulsen (ex-Dominus) is both a great songwriter and a brilliant frontman with a great knack for keeping a crowd spellbound. The SRF audience, who has long watched the band grow, is very aware of this - and in the SRF 2014 website poll Volbeat is the fourth most wanted band (beaten only by the giants AC/DC, Metallica and Iron Maiden). Many must have predicted it, now it will happen. Michael Poulsen, guitarist Rob Caggiano (ex-Anthrax), bassist Anders Kjølholm and drummer Jon Larsen are one of the main attractions at SRF 2014, as superstars of the present and the future.

Freak Kitchen finally back at Sweden Rock!

548454_10150756039009766_641946471_n.jpgVan Halen on laughing gas. There's an attempt, however feeble, to summarize Swedish eccentrics Freak Kitchen. Their sound blends shrewd melodies, manic progressiveness and crazy mixtures of styles, from pop to jazz to world music. Their lyrics are porne to tackle clever topics with a twisted sense of humor. However, there's method to the madmess of singer/ingenious guitarist Mattias "Ia" Eklundh and Freak Kitchen have achieevd cult status since their 1994 debut. Their eighth studio album "Cooking with pagans" is due in early 2014, months before one of Sweden's arguably most celebrated live bands return to SRF. 

No Phenomena show in 2014

We regret to inform you that there will be no Phenomena concert at Sweden Rock Festival 2014.

Our contract for Phenomena's appearance at Sweden Rock, which was signed by the person who sold us the show, clearly states that a specific line up would be participating. Unfortunately it has come to our knowledge that, contrary to our what we were previously lead to believe, no deals between the Phenomena representative and some of these specific artists were ever finalized, and a couple of these key performers have let us know that they will not be able to participate. We have also been made aware that two different parties are claiming to own the rights to the name Phenomena, and that the person who signed the deal with us may not have had the right to do so. In the light of all this, we have decided to cancel the Phenomena concert.

We deeply regret having to make this decision, but we feel that these musicians are such a vital part of this project that it would not be right to our audience to let the show go on without them.

If a Phenomena live show with a relevant cast, that can be verified independently by all parties involved, is put together in the future, we will naturally do what we can to give our audience the chance to see Phenomena then instead.

T.N.T. with Tony Harnell back behind the microphone to Sweden Rock!


Black metal is all good and well, but in the 80s it was the melodic TNT who were the metal kings of Norway. The band's most prominent characteristics included the voice of Tony Harnell, seemingly capable of hitting any note with ease, and the neck-breaking, neo-classically tinted guitar playing of Ronni Le Tekrø. TNT reached international success with the albums "Knights of the new thunder" (1984), "Tell no tales" (1987) and "Intuition" (1989), featuring such classics as "Seven seas", "Everyone's a star", "10 000 lovers" and "Caught between the tigers". Following Tony Harnell's departure in 2006, TNT fortunately acquired an equally great replacement, Tony Mills (ex-Shy). He in turn announced his departure in August 2013, followed by the news of Tony Harnell's return in October. To the delight of TNT fans far and wide.

Dark Angel to Sweden Rock. Only show in Scandinavia!


Faster, harder, more intricate. In short, Dark Angel's koncept for thrash metal equals "extra everything". In 1985-91 this L.A. outfit released four studio albums, the three most recent being historical milestones of thrash: "Darkness descends" (1986), "Leave scars" (1989) and "Time does not heal" (1991). The band split up in 1992 and ever since, their reunion has been high on the wishlists of young and old thrash lovers alike. Now, after a multitude of hiccups, singer Ron Rinehart, guitarists Jim Durkin and Eric Meyer, bassist Mike Gonzales and drum legend Gene Hoglan are back. I.e. the "Leave scars"-lineup - the most successful Dark Angel incarnation of all. No thrash enthusiast could wish for a more exclusive SRF debut. 
Only show in Scandinavia!
Only show in Scandinavia!

Death SS confirmed!


Just so we're clear: the name "Death SS" has no connection with Nazism but is an abbreviation for "In Death Of Steve Sylvester" - the latter being the band's founder and singer. Death SS is without question Italy's most legendary metal band and pioneers of shock rock. Theatrical costumes, occultism and horror movies are buliding blocks of the band's image. Their music was, at the time of their debut "In death of Steve Sylvester" in 1988, a melting pot of virtually every metal subgenre invented at the time. Further along, Gothic and industrial ingredients were added to the mix, while the unique "scary" atmosphere of Death SS was maintained. In 2013 the band released their first studio album in six years, "Resurrection", and in 2014 they will make their SRF debut. A theatrical and luxurious stage show is guaranteed.

Rob Zombie confirmed to play Sweden Rock Festival 2014!


Rob Zombie (US)

Admittedly, it wasn't so long ago that this shock/industrial rock icon graced SRF with his presence. But firstly, that show was such a tremendous success, and secondly, it had to be executed with a reduced stage show since the stage set got stuck in Finland. So by popular demand, we bring back Rob Zombie to perform in front of the SRF crowd with his entire stage show. In atmospheric darkness as well. Would you like to dedicate your entire Thursday evening to shock rock? If so,we recommend you to go directly from Rob's performance - the final one at Rock Stage for the day - to the Festival Stage where his old touring companion and inspiration, Alice Cooper will continue with the horror. Who knows? Maybe we will see them on stage together. Perhaps we should also mention that this will be your only chance to see Rob live in Sweden this summer.

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