The last booking for our opening day, June 3rd, confirmed!


Swedish progressive death metal band Morbus Chron is the last booking confirmed for our opening day on Wednesday, June 3rd.

This means that the following bands will play this day: D-A-D, Evergrey, The Quireboys, Hell, Jon English, Lillasyster, Electric Mary, Hazy/Dizzy, Morbus Chron and The Order Of Israfel. One of the four band competition winners will be added to the Wednesday line-up. 

The 4-day ticket is just 200 SEK more than the 3-day ticket, so you get a lot of great bands and another great festival day at Sweden Rock for a small extra cost. But you need to hurry - the number of Wednesday visitors is limited to 13 000 and more than half the 4-day tickets have already been sold, so if you want the full Sweden Rock Festival experience it is time to get your ticket!

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Winners of the signed guitars

Alexander Petrecz

Patrik Pettersson

Kenth Nilsson

Jonas Eksten

FREAK KITCHEN (Instead of the Masterplan guitar that was marked wrong on the box. Sorry about this)
Mikael Blixt

Another 19 acts confirmed for the Sweden Rock Festival!


We at the Sweden Rock Festival are happy to announce another 19 acts that have been confirmed for next year's Sweden Rock Festival, which will take place in Sölvesborg in southern Sweden June 3rd to 6th

Def Leppard are returning to Sweden Rock after seven years, and this time their setlist will be completely focused on their best known tracks. And considering that these Brits are one of the best-selling hard rock bands of all time, there are plenty of hits to choose from.


Five Finger Death Punch made a big impression on the main stage audience at Sweden Rock 2013 and have been one of the most requested acts since then. Now they will be back for what will be their only Swedish show next summer.

Meshuggah are making their long overdue Sweden Rock debut, Opeth will play their only Swedish concert next summer at Sweden Rock, Airbourne and Manfred Mann's Earth Band are making much anticipated comebacks and Exodus will arrive with legendary vocalist Steve Souza back by the microphone. Evergrey will be playing twice - an electric show on the Wednesday and an aoustic set two days later.

Jon English got plenty of attention and acknowledgement when his last Sweden Rock appearance was broadcast on national Swedish radio. This summer he returns for a more intimate performance at a smaller stage. Kaipa was one of the leading Swedish progressive acts in the 70's - for Sweden Rock, their classic line-up is reforming to play the group's early material under the name Kaipa Da Capo. The Swiss band Samael will be performing their classic black/industrial metal hybrid "Ceremony of Opposites" in its entirety.


Also added to the festival line-up are LillasysterMad MaxTony CareyAvatarElectric Mary, Battle Beast,  Hazy/Dizzy and The Order Of Israfel.


In October, it was announced that, among several others, Mötley CrüeJudas PriestTotoBackyard Babies,HammerFallD-A-D and Dark Tranquillity will be performing at next year's Sweden Rock Festival.


For the full list of confirmed acts and biographies on all of them, please visit www.swedenrock.com. Another 50 acts will be announced during this winter.

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Less than half of the 4-day tickets remaining!

jul3.jpgLess than 50% of our 4-day tickets are now left in stock. If you want to be part of our opening day on Wednesday June 3rd, it is time to get your ticket.

Another ten acts confirmed for the Sweden Rock Festival!

slash.jpgPreviously, 38 acts have been announced for next year's Sweden Rock Festival. Here is another ten:

Legendary guitarist Slash, whose latest album "World on fire" went to #1 in the Swedish charts a few weeks ago, will perform at Sweden Rock for the first time next summer. And naturally, he is bringing vocalist extraordinaire Myles Kennedy (also in Alter Bridge) and his cohorts in The Conspirators. Expect the best Slash songs along with classics by both Guns n' Roses and Velvet Revolver in the setlist!

Dokken was one of the big bands of the 80s, with an influential blend of classic hard rock and melodies á la what some refer to as hair metal. The band has not played Sweden Rock since 2001, so it's about time they return. Notably, singer Don Dokken, drummer Mick Brown and demon guitarist Jon Levin are joined by the celebrated singer Mark Boals, known for his singing with Yngwie Malmsteen and Royal Hunt among others... as the bands bassist!

Hardcore Superstar from Gothenburg have been one of Sweden's most popular hard rock bands for years. Their latest Sweden Rock appearance was marred by heavy rain and although most of their audience persisted, they are well worth a new shot.

In 1998, a new band featuring members from Katatonia, Opeth and Edge Of Sanity was formed in Stockholm. They took the name Bloodbath and quickly became connoiseurs' faves, and all but mythical since they hardly ever performed live. Earlier this year, their fourth album "Grand Morbid Funeral", featuring new vocalist Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost) was released and their Sweden Rock appearance will be their only in Sweden this summer.

Pat Travers is a Canadian hard rock legend. He made his debut in 1976 and instantly established his style: fundamentally blues based hard rock spiced with unorthodox rhythms and unabashed pop melodies. On his later works, blues is the predominant influence, with the characteristic Travers guitar sound fully noticeable.

Swiss outfit Eluveitie is one of the most successful folk metal bands today. Their sound mixes melodic death metal (Gothenburg style) with Celtic folk music, featuring traditional instruments like bagpipe, violin and miscellaneous flutes and pipes. In 2015 they make their SRF debut, and their only Swedish performance next summer.

Refuge is in fact the reunited 1988-1994 line-up of German heavy/power metal icons Rage: Peavy Wagner (vocals/bas), Manni Schmidt (guitar, ex-Grave Digger) and Chris Eftimiadis (drums). The trio reunites to perform songs exclusively from what some consider the best period in the history of Rage, and albums like "Perfect man", "Secrets in a weird world", "Trapped" and "Missing link". The name Refuge is used since the current version of Rage, front man Peavy's day job, remains active.

Thin Lizzy leader Phil Lynott (RIP) called keyboardist Darren Wharton the band's most talented member ever. Since 1985, the same Darren Wharton fronts Dare - originally a melodic hard rock band which has gradually turned towards a more ethereal and Celtic sound. Next spring will see the release of the eighth Dare studio album, shortly before them returning to Sweden Rock.

Dan Hylander earned his place in Swedish rock history as the leader of Raj Montana band. When the group was disbanded in 1984, Dan Hylander continued as a solo artist and producer for artists like Totta Näslund and Tomas Ledin. In 2011 he made a comeback album and next year he makes his Sweden Rock debut - a suitably rocking setlist has been promised.


Yesterday we also announced Swedish band Egonaut for the Nemsis Stage!


Longer biographies on all the bands, other information and tickets can be found at www.swedenrock.com.


The Sweden Rock Festival is held in Sölvesborg on June 3rd-6th 2015. Tickets are available.

Confirmed dates

Click here for confirmed dates for some of the announced bands and also information about how many acts we still have to announce!

Limited edition tickets sold out!

The 5000 limited edition 3- and 4-day tickets, which included either a T-shirt or a Sweden Rock Magazine subscription, are now completely sold out. Regular 3- and 4-day tickets are now available. 1-day tickets will be released in the spring.

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