nemisbanner 2023Children of the Sün, Dahlia, Karmanjakah, Liar Thief Bandit, Modesty, Running Cooper, Sanctrum and The Overthrone - that's the names of this year's Swedish Nemis bands that will play Sweden Rock Festival this coming summer.


Nemis (New Music In Sweden) is Studiefra?mjandet's live stage for unsigned artists and new and upcoming Swedish music. Nemis at Sweden Rock has a long tradition - this will be the 16th year when eight slots are filled by Nemis bands.


Several hundred bands applied to play Nemis this year, and the selection process has been focused on finding exciting new artists and on keeping the stage as gender equal as possible.Geographically the bands come from Skåne in the South all the way to Östersund in the North. 


The Nemis acts will be scheduled for Thursday the 8th of June. 


Read all about the Nemis-bands on our artist page 

THANK YOU! What a heavy-metal fest we just finished! Visitors from 64 different countries, 92 gigs, daily sunshine and a party like no other! We are extremely grateful for our guests who choose to return tou our festival year after year, and for all the crew that help us make this festival happen! Welcome back next year!
Published 12 June 2023 at 12:23
Info about picking up your wristband For STANDARD-ticket holders: (If you have a VIP ticket: keep scrolling) If you have bought a standard ticket, you pick up your wristband at the Ticket Exchange , not far from the main festival entrance. If you need a map to find the Ticket Exchange, download the Sweden Rock app! In order for the exchange to go as smoothly and quickly as possible, we have set the following ground rules: On Tuesday, only 4-day wristbands will be distributed. Until 13:00 on Wednesday, only 4-day- and Wednesday wristbands will be distributed. After 13:00 you can also pick up 3-day wristbands. All 1-day...
Published 30 May 2023 at 21:46
Running Order now available! The detailed running order is now available both here on the web site and in the Sweden Rock 2023 app! If you haven't download the app yet, you can find it here: The running order will be released on the website shortly as well.
Published 4 May 2023 at 16:25


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