jinjerThis summer we have the pleasure of welcoming Ukrainian band Jinjer to Sweden Rock Festival for the first time!


Jinjer have been called both "metalcore" and "djent", but perhaps they might best be described as "progressive metal". Jinjer's sound is distinguished by the alternations between brutal metal and, for instance, jazz, soul and reggae. Not to mention Tatiana Shmailyuk handling clean singing and growling with the same brilliance.


Since their 2014 debut, and not least "King of everything", featuring the classic "Pisces", in 2016, Jinjer have grown into one of the most talked-about metal bands of our time. In 2021 came their fourth album "Wallflowers", and became just as cherished as its predecessors. 


Jinjer will play Sweden Rock Festival on Wednesday June 7th. 

FESTIVAL MAP 2024 This year's festival map is now ready! We are also continuously updating the map in the app with new locations. Download the app here: http://onelink.to/qv28u3
Published 24 May 2024 at 18:58
RUNNING ORDER 2024 The schedule for this year's festival is now available in the app! If you haven't already downloaded it, do so here: http://onelink.to/qv28u3 In the app, you can create your personal schedule, listen to the bands, navigate the festival map (coming soon), and access other useful information. The schedule will also be released on the website in a few days.
Published 8 May 2024 at 15:26
Information about the bag ban We understand that there is uncertainty regarding the Police's bag ban and its impact on this year's festival. We have had to wait to make a statement as there have been uncertainties about how long the ban would last and to what extent it would affect the festival. We will follow the Police guidelines that apply at the time of the festival, which currently means a total bag ban in the festival area. We primarily refer to the Police's information page for answers to common questions: https://polisen.se/lagar-och-regler/vaskforbud-pa-storre-evenemang/ We are also expanding our bag storage capacity outside the main entrances for those...
Published 4 May 2024 at 13:43
WEDNESDAY SOLD OUT All Wednesday tickets are now sold out. What a rippin' start to the festival we're gonna have!! Limited tickets are still available for other categories. Visit our ticket page on Ticketmaster for more information. ticketmaster
Published 24 April 2024 at 13:52
WEDNESDAY VIP SOLD OUT The VIP tickets for Wednesday are now sold out! A very limited number of regular Wednesday tickets are still available, but we anticipate they will also sell out within a few days! tickets LINE-UP 2024
Published 22 April 2024 at 16:01


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