How to pick up your festival wristband

In just a few days Sweden Rock Festival kicks off again. We would like to welcome you - and isn't it wonderful that the festival is finally happening again?


IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT A VIP TICKET, you pick up your wristband at the VIP Accreditation. 

It is located on the other side of the main road 508, about 100 meters southbound from our restaurant and merch shop building. 


VIP-Accreditation Opening Hours:

Tuesday 7 June: 08.00-23.00
Wednesday 8 June: 08.00-23.00
Thursday 9 June: 08.00-23.00
Friday 10 June: 08.00-23.00
Saturday 11 June: 08.00-23.00


IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT A STANDARD TICKET, you pick up your wristband at the Ticket Exchange. 

It is located south of the main entrance. Follow the signs towards Ticket Exchange ("Biljettombyte"  in Swedish).


In order for the exchange to go as smoothly and quickly as possible, we have set the following ground rules: 

·       On Tuesday, only 4-day wristbands will be distributed. 

·       Until 12:00 on Wednesday, only 4-day- and Wednesday wristbands will be distributed. 

·       All 1-day wristbands will be distributed on the day that the ticket is valid for.


Ticket Exchange Opening Hours:

Tuesday 7 June:  12:00-22:00 - 4-day tickets are exchanged

Wednesday 8 June: 08:00-13:00 - 4-day and Wednesday tickets are exchanged

Wednesday 8 June: 13:00-23:00 - 4-day, 3-day and Wednesday tickets are exchanged

Thursday 9 June: 09:00-23:00 - 3-day and Thursday tickets are exchanged 

Friday 10 June: 10:00-23:00 - 1-day Friday tickets are exchanged

Saturday 11 June: 10:00-23:00 - 1-day Saturday tickets are exchanged


IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT A PARKING 1 OR 2 TICKET, you may drive straight to the parking lot. Once there, you show the crew your ticket and you will get a parking pass to put in your car window.

Parking 1 is located on "Norjevägen", just North of the Accreditation tents.

Parking 2 is located on "Norjevägen" as well, but about 1 km North, with access via road 508. Follow the signs!

Belphegor cancels their SIGNING SESSION. Belphegor has unfortunately announced that they are cancelling their SIGNING SESSION.
Published 10 June 2022 at 18:51
Cameras on the festival In order to meet the demands from bands playing our festival, we need to update our camera policy. As a private person, you are allowed to bring a camera and lens with zoom up to 55mm. Just like previous years, you may not bring extra equipment such as tripods, battery grips etc. Professional video recordings of concerts are not allowed, but it's okay to use your cellphone with a built in camera/video function. Please note that it is not allowed to use flash by the stages. In order to bring professional photography equipment for professional use, you need an approved media...
Published 3 June 2022 at 15:14
SIGNING-SESSION SCHEDULE CONFIRMED Finally the Signing-session schedule for 2022 is set and confirmed. You can find it here: SIGNING SESSIONS
Published 27 May 2022 at 15:07
NIGHTRAGE CONFIRMED FOR SWEDEN ROCK We're sorry to inform you that Grave is cancelling their gig here in Norje for personal reasons. Instead, we welcome melodic death metal band Nightrage to Sweden Rock Festival. There are few bigger cult bands in Swedish melodic death metal than Nightrage. That is, mostly Swedish - guitarist and main man Marios Iliopoulos started the band in Greece, later relocating to the homeland of his heroes At The Gates, Sweden. Nightrage's list of members include, like, everybody who is anybody within the scene, and have released nine albums since 2003, most recently the brand new "Abyss rising" which is also their...
Published 16 May 2022 at 12:37
Preview of Heavy metal TV series Special screening: National TV channel SVT presents an exclusive preview of Heavy Metal Export - a new TV series about Swedish heavy metal. Rockklassiker Stage, Friday June 10th, 11:15 Rockklassiker Stage, Saturday June 11th, 11:15 Swedish heavy metal took its first big step out into the international world in the beginning of the 1980s, when a young Yngwie Malmsteen sent a demo across the Atlantic and became a guitarr hero over night. Today Swedish heavy metal bands perform all over the world and on all the big arenas. This is the story about how Swedish heavy metal became an export success...
Published 6 May 2022 at 11:18


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