Festival rules

Sweden Rock Festival is known for its friendly and safe atmosphere, and we are extremely eager to continuosly maintain the high level of safety. One of our safety measures is to search all visitors when entrying the festival area.


Children who have not yet turned three are not allowed into the festival area. If you are planning to bring a child of age 3-13, please read our page about children at Sweden Rock. 


We are often asked what visitors are allowed - and not allowed - to bring into the festival area. Therefore, we have listed a few items that are fine to bring, and some that you should levae at home, below. Please note that we are not able to return impounded items. 


Allowed to bring:

  • Cameras (all kinds)
    Some bands don't allow photography from the audience. In these cases we will announce this on our big screens.
  • Beach chairs
  • PET bottles without cork (water stations available inside festival area)
  • Bandoleers around hips
  • Rivet bracelets
  • Selfie sticks


Not allowed to bring in to festival:

  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Sharp objects
  • Glass bottles
  • Bandoleers around chest
  • Bracelets with long rivets
  • Food
  • Umbrellas
  • Flags
  • Pets
  • Camera tripods


If you have any questions about other things you would like to bring, welcome to contact us!



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