Festival rules

Sweden Rock Festival is known for its friendly atmosphere, and we are extremely eager to continuosly maintain a high level of security.

In order to make your visit here as safe as possible, we have a few rules about what you are allowed to bring along into the festivalarea - and not. All visitors will be searched before entering the festival area.

OK to bring into the festival area:

  • Empty platic bottles with or without a cork (water stations available inside festival area). Maximum size: 500 ml.

  • Cameras (Please note that some bands don't allow photography from the audience. In these cases we will try to announce this on our big screens.)

  • Beach chairs, camping chairs

  • Flags without stick

  • Bandoleers around hips and inside loops of pants

  • Rivet bracelets

  • Small amounts of candy, cough drops, energy bars, chewing gum

  • Strollers for kids

NOT allowed to bring into the festival area:

  • Weapons

  • Sharp or dangerous objects

  • Tools, multi tools

  • Drugs

  • Alcohol

  • Glass or metal bottles

  • Bandoleers around chest

  • Bracelets with long rivets

  • Food

  • Umbrellas

  • Selfie sticks

  • Flag sticks or flag poles

  • Rods

  • Camera tripods (unless you have a media accreditation)

  • Glas or metal bottles

  • Thermoses

  • Aerosol-driven containers (hair spray, sifons etc.)

  • Segways, hoover boards

  • Perfumes or deodorants in glass bottles

  • Pets


Forbidden items will be confiscated, and we are not able to return them afterwards.


General Tips:

* It's always a good idea to do an inventory of the bag you want to bring into the festival area before coming. The less things you bring with you, the faster the lines will move and the smaller the risk to have items confiscated. 

* If you need to bring prescription drugs into the festival area for medical reasons, bring your prescription or medical certificate.

* Children who have not yet turned three are not allowed into the festival area. If you are planning to bring a child of age 3-13, make sure that they wear earmuffs and please read our page about children at Sweden Rock



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