Q & A

Before the festival
Where is the festival located?

The festival is located by the Baltic Sea, outside the city of  Sölvesborg in the southern part of Sweden. Distance to Kristianstad: 40 km, to Malmö: 130 km


Adress: Norjebokevägen 2, 294 76 Sölvesborg

How do I get to the festival?

If you go by train, the closest train station is Sölvesborg (10 km from the festival). From there you can take a shuttle bus to the festival area. If you arrive by air we recommend Ronneby Airport. from there you take a bus or taxi to Ronneby and then train to Sölvesborg. There are alot of bus companies that sell travels to Sweden Rock, both from Sweden, but also from other countries. You can find this information on our homepage. If you have your own boat you can rent a spot at Norje Boat Club (Norje Båtklubb) located just by the northern edge of the festival. If you arrive by air to Copenhagen airport (this is the closest biggest airport with flights from all over the world) you can take the train called "Öresundståget" directly from the airport to Sölvesborg.

Where can I stay during the festival?

There are many camping sites located around the festival area, that are all run by private owners.
The biggest one, "Rock N Camp", is only for tents. It is usually easy to get a spot there and it is located 50 meters from the main entrence. We recommend that you book in advance. They also have an accessabiliy camping that you can apply for. More information about how to apply will be made available soon.

There are also several other camping sites within one kilometer that are for tents, caravans, mobile homes etc. More information about these sites can be found here.
If you want to stay at a hotel, rent a cabin etc we recommend you to use this site, that are run by our official partner:

Is there any chance to meet the artists during the festival?

Every year many bands have official signing sessions and sometimes we run competitions through our homepage where you can win meet & greet with some artist, so keep your eys open.  

How do you recruit staff for during the festival?

We recruit all our temporary personnel through local and regional associations.

Can I bring a camera to the festival?

As a private person, you are allowed to bring a camera and lens with zoom up to 55mm. No permit is required for taking photos as long as they are for private use only. You may not bring extra equipment such as tripods, battery grips etc. Professional film recordings of concerts are not allowed, but it is okay to use your cellphone with a built in camera/video function.

Please observe that it is not allowed to use flash by the stages.

For professional photography and to bring equipment for professional use, you need special approved media accreditation. For photography in the pit you need a valid photo vest provided by the festival. 

Are there things that I wont be able to bring to the festival area?

Yes, you are not allowed to bring any alcohol, in any form. Flags are not allowed as well as umbrellas. You are allowed to bring an empty plastic bottle that you can fill with water at the festival area.

Of course, you are not allowed to bring anything that can be used as a weapon (knives, other sharp objects, glas bottles etc). If you feel unsure, give us a call.

Is there a doctor if something should happen?

Yes we have both doctors, dentist and other medical staff at the area at all times.

Can I bring my pet to the festival?

No, not under any circumstances!

Can I buy ear plugs at the festival?

Ear plugs amd music plugs can be bought at the festival area . 

During the festival
Kan children accompany parents with VIP access into the VIP-area?

Yes, children have the same access as their parents.

Where can I charge my cellphone?

In the Storage facilities next to the main entrance, they offer a charging service.

Furthermore, in Enkla Elbolaget’s activity space you can charge your phone as well.

Other than that, our advice is to charge your phone at your accommodation during the night.

Several of the camp sites offer this service as well.

Can I pay with credit card at the festival area ?

Many vendors accept credit cards, and nowadays you can also pay with credit cards in all of the bars. There is one "bank" inside the festival area where you can withdraw cash.

How do I buy tickets to Sweden Rock 2016?

You buy the tickets from our homepage You pay by credit card and get an e-mail with your ticket. Print it out and bring it to the ticket exchange at the festival. As simple as that. Remember that the printed ticket is a valuable document. If you lose it and someone else use it, you can not get in to the festival area.
If you dont have a credit card you can call Ticketmasters customer support and they will help you with your purchase.

Tickster Customer Support: +46 771-707070

I bought a ticket for Sweden Rock 2020 and kept it for 2021 which was also cancelled. Is my ticket still valid for Sweden Rock 2022?

Yes. If you didn't return your ticket when that option was made available 2020 or again in 2021, it is still valid for Sweden Rock 2022.

Can I get my money back if I bought a ticket and wont be able to go or if a band cancel their show?

No, we only pay back money if the entire festival is cancelled.

My ticket has not arrived. What do I do?

Call Ticketmaster at +46 771-707070



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