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Before the festival
Where is the festival located?

The festival is located by the Baltic Sea, outside the city of  Sölvesborg in the southern part of Sweden. Distance to Kristianstad: 40 km, to Malmö: 130 km


Adress: Norjebokevägen 2, 294 76 Sölvesborg

How do I get to the festival?

There are several ways to get to the festival, you can find them here: https://www.swedenrock.com/en/getting-here

Where can I stay during the festival?

There are many camping sites around the festival area that are operated both privately and by us. You can find more information and tips about accommodation under information.


Sweden rock norra camping




There are also bus trips that offer accommodation and transportation in one. You can find them here under 'Bus Trips': https://www.swedenrock.com/en/getting-here

Is there any chance to meet the artists during the festival?

Every year many bands have official signing sessions, and sometimes we run competitions through our homepage where you can win meet & greet with some artist, so keep a lookout.  

How do you recruit staff for during the festival?

We recruit all our temporary personnel through local and regional associations.

Can I bring a camera to the festival?

As a ticket holder, you are allowed to bring a mobile or compact camera into the festival area. 


No permit is required for taking photos as long as they are  for private use only. But if there is a message on the stage screens that photo is not allowed for a specific gig, please respect this restriction.


Larger cameras with interchangeable lenses are not allowed, and you are not able to bring extra equipment such as tripods or battery grips either.


Please note that the use of flash in front of or in the vicinity of the stages is not permitted.


For professional photography and in order to bring equipment for professional use and publication, you need an approved media accreditation. For photography in the stage pits you need a valid photo vest provided by the festival. 

Are there things that I wont be able to bring to the festival area?

Yes, for the sake of everyones safety, there are things that are not allowed to bring inside the festival area. You can find the list here: https://www.swedenrock.com/en/during-the-festival

Can I bring my pet to the festival?

No, not under any circumstances!

Can I buy ear plugs at the festival?

Ear plugs can be bought in the festival area at Alpine. Follow the pins on the map in our app!

I'm visiting Sweden Rock for the first time, do you have any good tips?

We are glad to have you! Below you will find a fix mixed tips that might be helpful: 

  • Purchase tickets only through the Ticketmaster website.
  • Pack clothes for all kinds of weather.
  • Be on time for the concerts. 
  • Be moderate when you drink alcohol.
  • Decide on a meeting point with your friends, in case you loose sight of each other.
  • If you're driving home, it's a good idea to bring a breathanalyzer. Use it and be sure before you get behind the wheel.
  • Leave valuables at home. 
  • Have you lost something? Contact the police office in Karlshamn, phone number: +46 77 114 14 00.
During the festival
Kan children accompany parents with VIP access into the VIP-area?

Yes, children have the same access as their parents.

Where do I go if I get sick during the festival?

Sweden Rock Rescue is the festival's own health and medicare organization. 


Sweden Rock Rescue handles everything from simple injuries to advanced pre-hospital care on site. The team treats heart problems, diabetes, wounds, etc. When needed, patients are forwarded to a nearby hospital. 


In total, the Sweden Rock Rescue team consists of about 60 persons, amongst others: 

  • Head of medicial safety
  • Supervisory physician
  • Emergency doctors
  • Specialists
  • Dentist
  • Psychologist
  • Naprapath
  • 40 persons from the Red Cross (i.e. nurses)
  • medically trained staff from the civil defence

You can find Sweden Rock Rescue right outside the festival area. 


In addition to Sweden Rock Rescue, the festival is also staffed by organizations and authorities such as the County Medicare, crisis staff from the Municipality and Johanniterhjälpen.


Spread out across the festival area, we have in total eight defribillators available. These are marked out on the map in our app. 


In addition, all festival hosts patrolling the area are in company of Johanniterhjälpen staff with defribillators and first aid kits.

Where can I charge my cellphone?

Enkla Elbolaget’s activity space you can charge your phone as well.

Other than that, our advice is to charge your phone at your accommodation during the night. Several of the camp sites offer this service as well.

Can I pay with cash at the festival area?

No, only card payment in all units.

Can you smoke inside the festival area?

 In discussions with the local authorities, we have created six smoking zones, spread out over the festival area. These zones are marked with yellow flags, and you will also find them marked in the app map.


Smoking is absolutely forbidden:

  • in all areas under a roof or a tent ceiling
  • in all bars and restaurants
  • inside all foodcourts
  • in the taxi and bus areas
  • in all entrance areas

If you would like to bring your food or beverage into the smoking areas, that is allowed.

Are there storage facilities at the festival site?

We are expanding our bag storage facilities due to the bag ban. You can read more about the bag ban here: https://www.swedenrock.com/en/during-the-festival


This year, we are collaborating with Volt to offer storage lockers at Sweden Rock.


There are two locations outside the festival grounds where you can do this:

Main Entrance

Asphalt Square


There is also a location inside the festival grounds where you can store items:

Rock Stage


You can pre-book these and read more about them here: https://www.getvolt.dk/da/sweden-rock


There will also be storage/wardrobe facilities operated privately outside the main entrance, as in previous years.

How do I buy tickets to Sweden Rock 2016?

Keep in mind to always buy the tickets for Sweden Rock Festival from our official ticket partner TICKETMASTER.


You can pay by credit card and will get an e-mail with your ticket. Print it out and bring it to the ticket exchange at the festival.


Remember that the printed ticket is a valuable document. If you lose it and someone else use it, you can not get in to the festival area.

If you dont have a credit card you can call Ticketmasters customer support and they will help you with your purchase. Tickster Customer Support: +46 771-707070

Can I get my money back if I bought a ticket and wont be able to go or if a band cancel their show?

No, we can only do refunds if the entire festival is cancelled.

My ticket has not arrived. What do I do?

Call Ticketmaster at +46 771-707070

Will you release 3-day tickets?

No, since the festival transitioned to become 4 full days already in 2023, we will not release 3-day tickets for the 2024 festival.

Bag Ban
Information about the bag ban

Bag Ban
The Sweden Rock Festival is subject to the police's decision of a total bag ban. This means that no bags are allowed to be brought into the public festival area. The ban also applies to bags and transparent bags.


Wallets and small toiletry bags that fit in your pocket are not covered by the ban. Approved camping chairs (see our guidelines for what is classified as an approved camping chair) with a cover are also allowed to be brought in.

All visitors who are audience members at our event are subject to the bag ban.


Exceptions to the ban

Visitors with media wristbands are not subject to the ban.


People accompanying children who need a diaper bag are exempt from the ban.


Exceptions are made for individuals who, for medical reasons, need a bag. If individuals require medication, equipment, and the like to manage their stay at the festival, a bag may be brought in. However, it is important that only one bag, sized appropriately for the medical products claimed, is brought in. Always bring a medical certificate/prescription for medical products.


There will be storage boxes and valuables storage outside the entrances where bags and clothes can be left.


For further information, please visit the Police's information page:

FAQ about bag ban

If I buy a bag inside the festival area, can I bring it back in if I leave the area?



Is it okay to bring a waist bag, fanny pack, or kilt bag?



Will it be possible to purchase menstrual products inside the area?

This year we are offering free menstrual products to those who need them. The products (tampons & pads) can be obtained at either of our two merchandise stores inside the festival area (Sweden Rock Merchandise). The stores will be marked on the map in the app.


Have you not applied for an exception? / Have you not applied for permission for smaller bags/toiletry bags?

We have a close dialogue with the Police and have explored all possibilities to give our visitors the best possible conditions, but because the festival is classified as such a large event, there has been no alternative to a complete ban on bags.


Are smaller bags/toiletry bags/wallets allowed?

According to the guidelines we have received at present, you can bring wallets and smaller toiletry bags that fit in your pocket. If they don't fit, you cannot bring them.


If you work at the festival, can you bring a bag?

Only if your job requires you to have a bag for one or more reasons. If you are unsure, please contact your nearest supervisor. In such cases, it is important to use production gates to enter the area, not visitor entrances. You should also be prepared for your bag to be searched by staff.


Can you bring an empty bag/backpack?

No, according to the guidelines provided by the Police at present, the ban also applies to bags and transparent bags.


Can you bring camping chairs as before?

Yes, approved camping chairs with covers are also allowed to be brought in. See what is considered approved camping chairs further down on this page. https://www.swedenrock.com/en/during-the-festival


Is shopping cart ok to bring in?
A shopping cart is considered equivalent to a bag, and as such, shopping carts are subject to bag restrictions and are not allowed.


Can you bring a blanket inside?

Yes, you can bring a blanket inside, but it must not be rolled up, tied, or used in any other way to store items at the entrance.


Can you buy a bag inside the area and walk around with it?

Yes, we will be selling bags inside the area at our two merch stores.





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