Norjebokevägen 2

294 76 Sölvesborg


There are many ways to easily get to and from the festival using public transportation, whether you need to commute every day or just travel to and from the festival.


Like previous years, the bus company Nobina will operate shuttle buses between the festival venue and camping sites and other nearby places. Read more about the shuttle buses at


Timetable shuttle buses 2024

Trains, shuttle buses & public transport

A good option is to travel to Sölvesborg, the closest train station. There you can board Nobina’s shuttle bus line 3 between Sölvesborg and the festival venue in Norje.


If you're traveling to and from nearby towns, we recommend Nobina's other lines which go to/from places like Kristianstad, Ronneby, Sölvesborg, Olofström, Karlshamn, Hörvik, and Hällevik. If you're traveling all festival days, it's also cost-effective to purchase a bus wristband. More information about the shuttle buses is found at


This year, Blekingetrafiken is also expanding its services so you can travel all the way to and from Karlskrona. Bus wristbands do not apply here; instead, you purchase tickets as usual through Blekingetrafiken. For more information click here.


For information about SJ’s long distance trains, please visit For information about tickets and timetables for regional trains and other public transport, please visit either Blekingetrafiken or Skånetrafiken


There are two airports within an hour of travel from Sölvesborg. One if them is located outside of Ronneby and is called Ronneby Airport.


The other one is located outside of Kristianstad and is called Kristianstad Österlen Airport.  


Many of our international guests also fly into Copenhagen Airport, which is directly connected to Sölvesborg by train (2 hour ride). Check the train schedule on Skånetrafiken. In their app you can also purchase train tickets.

Bus travel

There are organizers that arrange bus trips to the festival area. 


Taxi during the festival

Sweden Rock has signed agreements with a number of serious taxi-service providers in the area. As a result, the official taxi companies will provide similar prices and services. These taxi companies will be branded by a sticker in their front windows, showing that they are official Sweden-Rock partners.


Only official taxi companies will be available at the taxi pick-up zone on the other side of road 508 (across from festival entrance 2). For your convenience, there will be staff available to assist you at the taxi zone. 



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