During the festival

On this page, you will find all the information you need during your festival experience, such as opening hours, where to turn for assistance, festival rules, what you are allowed and not allowed to bring into the festival area. The information will be updated gradually as the festival approaches.


You can also find many answers about the festival under our FAQs.

Food & Beverage

On and around the festival area, you will find around 100 different food stalls of different types, so there are plenty of food opportunities.

Sweden Rock Grill
Our own restaurants, Sweden Rock Grill, are located both outside the festival area and inside. Sweden Rock Grill welcomes you with a cozy atmosphere and an option to dine inside or outside.


Inside the festival area by the VIP, you vill find Sweden Rock Krogen, as well as a Grill in the new area close to the Pistonhead Stage.

The Smoke Pit
In the Smoke Pit, we focus on great food, BBQ, a bar and lots of sweet spots to hang out with your friends, that's the Smoke Pit.


The Smoke Pit is an area with lots of seating, and the food varies from high quality BBQ, awesome burgers and award-winning street food, to game, fresh pasta and food from all over the world. We are also focusing on high quality and organic ingredients. There will be plenty of tasty vegetarian and vegan options as well, and several bars. A new addition this year is The Pitstop, where you pour your own, cold pitcher.

Wine Garden
Wine Garden offers wine by the glas or bottle, prosecco, champagne, long drinks and more. Lots of seating, and if you're hungry, you can find food here as well. There is also a coffee lounge. 

The festival area holds 23 bars with a total of 250 bartenders. Focus for the bars is professional crew and a minimum of lines. Liquors are only served in the VIP area.   

Where you can turn for assistance

One of the festival's true hallmarks is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which has historically contributed to relatively few unpleasant incidents and crimes at Sweden Rock. Naturally, we hope and work for this trend to continue— and even improve with each passing year!


However, if misfortune does strike, here are some tips on where to turn for assistance:

If you sustain an injury or fall ill, we recommend visiting our medical tent on the asphalt square. Competent staff are available around the clock.

In case of sudden illness for yourself or someone nearby within the festival area, contact the nearest security guard, public host, or bar staff, and they will summon medical assistance.

If you witness a situation that raises concern within the festival area, call the nearest security guard (alternatively, ask a public host or bar staff to contact the security guards).

If you lose a personal belonging, start by visiting the police lost and found booth, also located on the asphalt square.

In the event of an emergency or ongoing crime outside the festival area or at your campsite, call 112.

To report a non-urgent or non-emergency crime, consider visiting the police's mobile office on the asphalt square or calling 11414.

If you find a lost child, seek help from the nearest security guard, public host, or bar staff. Alternatively, you can contact the police's mobile office at the "Asfaltsplattan".

If you bring a child onto the festival grounds and happen to lose or misplace the child's earmuffs, feel free to approach one of our public hosts patrolling the area. They always carry a supply of earmuffs.

Camera surveillance

At Sweden Rock Festival, the festival area (and areas around it) are protected by camera surveillance. 


We use cameras to make sure our visitors are safe, and the surveillance is done in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.  

GDPR - Photo during the festival

Sweden Rock has photo- & video teams assigned to documenting the festival. Some of these images/videos will be used on our facebook page, instagram, website and newsletter. 


If you DO NOT want to photographed or filmed, this is of course okay. To help us in this process, you can pick up a NO-PHOTO BADGE at one of our information desks at the festival. If you wear the badge around your neck both our photographers and we will know that you do not wish to be seen in any of our materials.


If you for some reason haven't worn a badge, and afterwards end up in some pictures or video that you wish us to remove, feel free to contact: info@swedenrock.com

Festival Rules

Sweden Rock Festival is known for its friendly atmosphere, and we are extremely eager to continuosly maintain a high level of security.


In order to make your visit here as safe as possible, we have a few rules about what you are allowed to bring along into the festivalarea - and not. All visitors will be searched before entering the festival area.

OK to bring into the festival area
  • Empty platic bottles with or without a cork (water stations available inside festival area). Maximum size: 500 ml.
  • Beach chairs, camping chairs
  • Flags without stick
  • Bandoleers around hips and inside loops of pants
  • Rivet bracelets
  • Small amounts of candy, cough drops, energy bars, chewing gum
  • Strollers for kids
  • Sunscreen
  • Non-prescription such as painkillers, allergy tablets, allergy eye drops, nasal spray, etc.) in small quantities, keep the original packaging.
  • Powerbank
  • Hand sanitizer in a small bottle
  • Prescription drugs, keep the orginal packaging and bring your prescription or medical certificate.
  • Mobile or compact camera
NOT allowed to bring into the festival area
  • Bags, read more about it under "Information abou Bag ban"
  • Weapons, sharp or dangerous objects
  • Tools, multi tools
  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Food & drinks
  • Larger cameras with interchangeable lenses
  • Glass, metal bottles or thermoses
  • Bandoleers around chest
  • Bracelets with long rivets (See image below)
  • Folding chairs with high backrest. (See image below)
  • Umbrellas
  • Flag sticks or flag poles
  • Rods
  • Camera tripods (unless you have a media accreditation)
  • Aerosol-driven containers (hair spray, sifons etc.)
  • Fireworks
  • Laser Pens or laser pointers
  • Segways, hoover boards
  • Pets
  • Signs
  • Any other items deemed to be offensive or of risk

Forbidden items will be confiscated, and we are not able to return them afterwards.


As a ticket holder, you are allowed to bring a mobile or compact camera into the festival area. 


No permit is required for taking photos as long as they are  for private use only. But if there is a message on the stage screens that photo is not allowed for a specific gig, please respect this restriction.


Larger cameras with interchangeable lenses are not allowed, and you are not able to bring extra equipment such as tripods or battery grips either.


Please note that the use of flash in front of or in the vicinity of the stages is not permitted.


For professional photography and in order to bring equipment for professional use and publication, you need an approved media accreditation. 



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