The bus company Nobina is responsible for the shuttle buses to the festival area from nearby villages/cities.  


The shuttle buses take you back and forth between the festival area and the following close-by towns: Sölvesborg, Hällevik, Karlshamn, Bromölla, Kristianstad, Olofström and RonnebyTime table will come shortly.


Line 1 Kolleviks Camping - Karlshamn - Sweden Rock

Line 2 Halens Camping - Olofström - Jämshög - Pukenäs - Sweden Rock

Line 3 Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock

Line 4 Hällevik - Mjällby - Sweden Rock

Line 5 Ronneby - Sweden Rock

Line 6 Kristianstad - Bromölla - Sweden Rock


If your accomodation is in Karlskrona, you will need to take the train from Karlskrona to Sölvesborg, and then you can use the shuttle buses från Sölvesborg train station to the festival area. Please note that there are no trains running late at night, and therefore the shuttle bus to Ronneby will extend their trip to Karlskrona for their last round of each day.


You can buy bus tickets via Billetto


Bus wristbands

If you are attending all four festival days, it is worth it to buy a bus wristband instead of single bus tickets. You will then be able to ride the bus within your zone as much as you like, and you woun't need to stand in line to buy tickets. (Or keep track of already-bought tickets, for that matter...) You can pre-order the wristband via the ticketing system


If you decide to buy a bus wristband, print out the confirmation and exchange it for the bus wristband at the regular ticket exchange at the festival area. The first trip to the festival area, your wristband confirmation will be valid as ticket.



Single trip Zone 1: 100 SEK
Round trip Zone 1: 180 SEK

Wristband Zone 1: 650 SEK


Single trip Zone 2: 150 SEK
Round trip Zone 2: 250 SEK

Wristband Zone 2: 799 SEK


You can order your bus wristband via Ticketmaster


Payment methods

You will be able to pay for your bus rides in one of the following ways:  

·       Bus wristband via Ticketmaster

·       Cash at the bus shed at the festival

·       Credit card on bus

·       Nobina web shop Biletto






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