The spirit of Sweden Rock

Joy and community lay the foundation for "the spirit of Sweden Rock"; a unique sentiment which has evolved naturally amongst our visitors over the years. These days, the calm and friendly atmosphere is really a strong hallmark for Sweden Rock Festival. 

We believe that one of the reasons for the good-natured atmosphere is that our visitors all share love for hard rock and metal. But for sure, all the returning guests also set examples for all new visitors. Thank you for that! 


But what does the spirit of Sweden Rock imply IRL? Well, simply that people get on well together here, help eachother out and socialize with both known and unknown people. And our tip is, that if you see anyone that needs assistans - offer your help. You will not only make that person's day, you will also set an example that will multiply across the festival.


Cause we wish for nothing more, than for Sweden Rock Festival to stay a trouble-free and friendly zone! So that you can enjoy the music, indulge the amtosphere and hang out with the brothers and sisters that we simply call the best audience in the world...



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