The NEMIS bands are confirmed!


Sweden Rock is happy to welcome the following New Music in Sweden-bands to the 2017 festival: SKELETON BIRTH, DEAD SLEEP, LEADING LIGHT, SVARTANATT, NOCEAN, VA ROCKS, VEONITY and KNOGJÄRN.

New Music In Sweden (Nemis) is a cooperation project between Studiefrämjandet and (amongst others) Sweden Rock. The purpose being to together highlight unestablished Swedish bands and artists and have them play some of the best stages in the country.

Eight Nemis bands have now been chosen to enter the Rockklassiker Stage on Sweden Rock on Thursday, June 8th, this giving them a great opportunity to show off their sound and skills to the festival audience.

This is the 12th year in a row that Sweden Rock reserves eight slots for some of the most upcoming and promising rock bands in Sweden. This year, the bands come from all over the country - from Boden in the North all the way down to from Malmö in the South.

Nemis is a way for us at Sweden Rock to contribute to the growth of new rock music in Sweden. By now, Nemis is a well-established element at the festival, and one that we are really proud of.

You can listen to the Nemis-bands via this Spotify list. Click here!

1-DAY TICKETS The date is now set. On Thursday January 25th, the 1-day tickets for Sweden Rock Festival 2018 go on sale
Published 16 January 2018 at 13:07
Info about 1-day tickets Right now we're receiving many questions about when the 1-day tickets will go on sale. However, the date for this has not been set yet. As usual, we're planning to release the 1-day tickets when the line-up and schedule are close to finished - so that you can learn which bands play which days before buying your ticket. As soon as we have a date for the ticket release, we will let you know here on the web site and on our facebook, so keep a lookout!
Published 12 January 2018 at 13:19
Another batch of bands confirmed! MESHUGGAH, URIAH HEEP, BUCKCHERRY, BARONESS, COVEN, DESTRUCTION, FOCUS and TORCH are now confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival 2018. Hailing from Umeå, Sweden, Meshuggah, have been pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible within the realms of extreme metal since the early 90's. There intense light show is best enjoyed in darkness, the band will be closing the Friday night festivities, starting right after the Ozzy Osbourne concert. Also confirmed for next year's festival are one of the true giants of 70's hard rock, Uriah Heep, along with Californian rockers Buckcherry, SRF debutants Baroness, 60's occult rock pioneers Coven featuring singer...
Published 19 December 2017 at 18:22


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