Sweden Stage, Saturday 9 June, 14:45

One of the very biggest bands from the golden age of glam, and an inspiration to countless successors as diverse as Kiss, Ramones, Nirvana and Oasis. From 1971-76 Slade had no less than 17 top 20 hits in Britain - "Cum on feel the noize", "Mama weer all crazee now", "Far far away", "Coz I luv you" and "Merry X-mas everybody", to name but a few. In the 80s they got a second wind with such hits as "My oh my", "Run runaway" and "All join hands". Today, Slade are as active as ever, centered around the perpetual dynamic duo Dave Hill (guitar) and Don Powell (drums). The singer is Mal McNulty (ex-Sweet) while John Berry plays bass and - violin!

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