Thursday June 7

Yes, you did just read it. To summarize - although most of it would be familiar to most of you - Iron Maiden got their break with their eponymous 1980 debut, while albums like "The number of the beast" (1982), "Piece of mind" (1983) och "Powerslave" (1984) made them the undisputed superstars of heavy metal. The anthemic melodies, the dueling guitars, the galloping bass, the intriguing lyrics, Bruce Dickinson's grandiose vocals, the ever-changing mascot Eddie - this all adds up to an identity unique in heavy metal, and in all of music.
Following the tour for their latest blockbuster "The book of souls" (2015) - the band's 16th studio album - Iron Maiden in 2018 begin their colossal arena- and festival tour "Legacy of the beast world tour". This will feature a setlist ripe with 80s' material plus a selection of surprises from the band's more recent output. And also a stage production as majestic as it is multi-faceted - not least as far as Eddie is concerned.
In short, this historical SRF debut could not take place under better circumstances. As Bruce Dickinson would, and in all probability will, say: "Scream for me, Sweden Rock!"

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