ZZ Top


Festival Stage, Friday 5 June, 18:45

The Texas trio would be one of the world's best known bands, with fans in all camps. In 1971 they released their first album, featuring their patented, scorching blues/boogie rock with clever, suggestive lyrics. In 1983 ZZ Top went from successful to superstars with the album "Eliminator", adding synthesizers to the boogie in groundbreaking fashion. To date, Billy Gibbons (guitar, vocals), Dusty Hill (bass, vocals) och Frank Beard (drums) have released fifteen studio albums, containing innumerable mega classics: "Tush", "La Grange", "Gimme all your lovin'", "Sharp dressed man" and "Sleeping bag", to name but a few. And their popularity remains as intact as their iconic "facial hair, shades and cowboy hat"-look.

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