What are the dates for Sweden Rock Festival 2021?

As usual, the festival takes place during week 23, and in 2021 these dates will be June 9 - 12.


What do I need to do if I want to use my 2020 ticket for the 2021 festival instead?

Your 2020 ticket will automatically be valid for the same festival days next year. Hence, if you want to keep the ticket and come next year instead, you don't need to do anything.


Is it possible to move purchased 1-day tickets to 2021?

Yes, all ticket categories can be moved to 2021 if desired. If you want to keep your 1-day ticket and come on the same weekday next year instead, you don't need to do anything.


Is it possible to exchange the day of 1-day ticket (e.g. exchange a purchased Friday ticket 2020 into a Saturday ticket 2021)?

Yes, it will be possible, but only later on next season when the 2021 line-up is finalized. If you wish to exchange for another day of the festival week, hold on to your ticket for now. You will then get to choose a new day before the 1-day tickets for 2021 go on sale. You will keep the value of your ticket. More details about this will come later.


If I want to get a refund for my ticket, what do I do?

Everyone who bought a ticket from Ticketmaster will receive an email with information on how the refund will take place. However, you can read about a few of the details below.


How and when will I get my money back if I choose a refund?

The time period for returning purchased tickets will run from 4 - 31 May. To request a refund, you will need to fill out a digital form that will be sent to all ticket buyers via email on May 4th. The refund will be handled asap after that, but please note that it may take up to a month for the money to come in. The money will be returned via the same payment method you used when purchasing the ticket.


What happens to my purchased Parking 1 or 2?

If you hold on to your purchased parking-space ticket, it will be valid for 2021 instead. If you want a refund, however, this is done via Ticketmaster in connection with the repayment of tickets in the same period (4 - 31 May). More info on this comes in an email from Ticketmaster.


What happens to my purchased bus bracelet?

If you hold on to your purchased bus-bracelet ticket, it will be valid for 2021 instead. If you want a refund, however, this is done via Ticketmaster in connection with the reimbursement of tickets in the same period (4 - 31 May). More info on this comes in an email from Ticketmaster.


I was planning to bring my child to the festival, and now he/she will turn 13 before next festival. 

Due to these unfortunate cicrumstances we will temporarily raise the enter-for-free age from "not turned 13" to "not turned 14" during 2021. In order to take advantage of this offer, the child needs to wear a child festival bracelet and abide to the ear-muff policy at all times. 


What if I purchased a ticket and/or package tour through a bus company?

You will be able to choose between moving your ticket / package tour to 2021 or getting a refund. However, you need to contact the bus company directly for more information.


What if I buy a ticket through a secondary resale ticket company?

Since we have no cooperation with any resale companies, we also have no information on how they handle this situation. Therefore, you need to turn directly to the company from which you purchased your ticket.


What if I purchased a ticket through a private individual?

A ticket purchase from a private individual is an agreement between the two of you. We suggest you contact the seller and discuss how to resolve the situation.


What happens to my reserved campsite?

Sweden Rock does not run any campsites, but the campsite owners and landowners we have spoken to will offer the money back for booked campsites. Some will also offer that you move your booking to 2021 instead. In which case you need to contact the campsite directly for detailed information.


What if I have booked a hotel room or rented a cottage / house?

If you have rented a house, a cottage or booked a hotel room, you need to contact the landlord or hotel directly to discuss with them.


I want to go to Norje and hang out with my friends in June anyway. Is that okay?

In consultation with the police and other authorities, we strongly advise against this. It is not consistent with the recommendation to avoid larger crowds and the temporary festival campsites in Norje will not be open.


Which of the booked bands will play the 2021 festival?

We have received positive signals from a very large proportion of the bands, but exactly what the line-up 2021 will look like we will have to let you know at a later date.


I have chosen to keep my ticket until 2021. How does the voucher for merch work?

Anyone who chooses to hold on to their festival ticket and use it in 2021 instead will receive a voucher for SEK 200 to spend at Sweden Rock's merch shop. To register all the new products that were intended for this year's festival in the shop - and for us to know who has chosen to keep their festival tickets - value checks will be sent to you only after June 1st. You will then be able to use the voucher between June 15th  - August 31st.


Why didn't you announce the cancellation earlier? 
As mentioned before, we have been investigating the possibility to postpone the festival to later on in the summer. However, when it became clear that that was not an option, the only decision we could take was to cancel. To cancel an event of our size and magnitude is complex, with a large number of issues and people to take into account. A lot of things needed to be prepared before the decision could be announced, such as to putting a ticket strategy in place, informing and involving staff and a large number of bands, considering legal consequences, etc. Initially, we aimed to announce the cancellation on the 16th of April, but in the end we needed a few extra days to prepare.


Read the Festival Management Teams statement here.




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