Some of the improvements for 2019

One of the goals for the Sweden Rock management team is to continuously develop and improve the festival for each year. Hence, in the beginning of October we gathered a number of key persons from our organization for the yearly evaluation conference. With the support of all the input and feedback from you, our guests, we discussed how the 2018 festival turned out, and what we can be improved for next year.


A lot of work remains and some things need more time before they can be announced, but some of the improvements for 2019 are now "finished enough" for us to present.


The one most criticized thing this year was the toilets, which had been centralized to two main station areas. As requested, we are now changing back the number of toilet stations from two to four, spread out over the festival area.

In order to minimize the risk of toilet-line build-ups, we will also improve the entrance- and exit logistics for each of the toilet-station areas.


We are also adding a water-flushing toilet next to the ramp for disabled.


To make sure that drinking-water stations do not to add to the toilet lines, we will move the fresh-water stations out of the toilet areas.


In addition, we will increase the total number of fresh-water drinking stations, as well as improve the visibility and signage for them, so that everyone gets better access to free water.


Other improvements we can mention at this point:
• In order ease the coming and going for taxis, we will improve taxi-area entry.
• We will increase the number of units where you can use credit cards as paying method.
• We will introduce a new food area, and work to offer an even larger range of foods than before.


More information about these and other improvements will come, so keep a look out!


TICKET SALES HAVE STARTED! WE ARE LIVE! Ticket sales have started for Sweden Rock Festival 2019. Make sure to grab your ticket via Ticketmaster's webpage: TICKETMASTER For mor information and handy tips regarding ticket purchasing visit our page: TICKET INFORMATION Hope to see you rockin' in Norje 2019!
Published 1 November 2018 at 09:48
INFORMATION ABOUT TICKET ON-SALE! Tomorrow, on Thursday November 1st at 11 am, the tickets for Sweden Rock Festival 2019 go on sale! Judging from last year's sales pattern, the tickets may sell fast - so if you want to be sure we suggest that you act fast. Get your tickets here tomorrow from 11.00 CEST: For more practical info and some handy tips on how to prepare for this years ticket on-sale klick here:
Published 31 October 2018 at 10:32
First acts confirmed for SRF 2019! KISS, RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW, DEF LEPPARD, AMON AMARTH, DEMONS & WIZARDS, ARCH ENEMY, HAMMERFALL, KROKUS, SKID ROW, AT THE GATES, ANNIHILATOR, MAGNUM, JOE LYNN TURNER, ULI JON ROTH, DEATH ANGEL, DEMON and BEAST IN BLACK - the first batch of bands for Sweden Rock Festival 2019 are now confirmed! This year's Sweden Rock Festival sold out in a week and turned into an amazing event with perfect weather, a peaceful atmosphere and lots of great performances by some of the best bands in rock and metal. Tickets for the 2019 edition of the festival are going on sale on Thursday at...
Published 28 October 2018 at 18:42
Tickets on sale November 1st at 11 am Save the date! It's now settled that the tickets for Sweden Rock Festival 2019 will go on sale Thursday November 1st at 11 am sharp (Swedish time). Details and more information will be communicated a bit closer to the release, but mark your calendars now and get ready to rock!
Published 22 October 2018 at 15:53


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