Preview of Heavy metal TV series

hardrock-export-sweden-rock-landscape.jpgSpecial screening: National TV channel SVT presents an exclusive preview of Heavy Metal Export - a new TV series about Swedish heavy metal.


Rockklassiker Stage, Friday June 10th, 11:15

Rockklassiker Stage, Saturday June 11th, 11:15


Swedish heavy metal took its first big step out into the international world in the beginning of the 1980s, when a young Yngwie Malmsteen sent a demo across the Atlantic and became a guitarr hero over night. Today Swedish heavy metal bands perform all over the world and on all the big arenas. This is the story about how Swedish heavy metal became an export success story.


In this world premiere, Swedish national TV station SVT will preview 45 minutes from the coming series, featuring more than 30 new interviews and a large number of golden archive clips painting a picture of hits, forerunners, enthusiasts, cult bands and icons.

We will meet Europe, Ghost, Bathory, Entombed, Hammerfall, Candlemass, Opeth, Refused, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Clawfinger, Meshuggah, Amon Amarth, Sabaton, At The Gates, Yngwie Malmsteen and many more.


Exclusively for the Sweden Rock audience, SVT will show a special edition of the series at the festival, on June 10th and 11th in the Rockklassiker tent. The preview will be introduced by music journalist pMagnus Broni.


The series then premieres on SVT Play later on this summer.



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