News and improvements 2020

With the support from feedback that we get from our guests each year, we make a plan for what needs to be improved in order to make our next festival even better. Some of the planned improvements will need a bit more time before they can be announced, but some are now finished enough for us to share with you.  


Larger festival area

The festival audience area will be increased with over 10 000 square meters. In addition, some sections where alot of people pass through will be made wider to minmize the risk of them being too crowded. The number of tickets sold will remain the same as the last few years, so these changes are made only to increase the comfort and well-being of our visitors. Details and a new map will be introduced later on during spring.  


Increased capacity in entrances and bars

In order to make the transitions in and out of the festival as smooth and quick as possible, we will increase the capacity and staff in the main entrance. We will also create a larger open space in front of the main entrance.

The capacity in the bars will be increased as well. 


Larger selection of food

The number of food stalls will be increased, and the variety of food will be wider. 


New wine area

We will add a new wine area, where you will be able to enjoy a good glass of wine and some tasty food, while sitting down with your friends in a cosy environment. 


Environmentally friendly disposables

For 2020 we will take our sustainability work a step further, i.e. by making sure all food stalls on the festival area will use environmentally friendly disposables only (instead of plastic ones). 


90 bands - and Wednesday is expanded 

For many years now, the first festival day has been half a day, starting at 3 pm with half the area - and only three of five stages - open.  This summer we will open the festival gates already at 1 pm on Wednesday, and we will schedule a number of concerts on Rock Stage, meaning that four out of five stages will be open during the first festival day. This, in combination with a few scheduling changes, will mean that the total number of festival acts 2020 are increased from 83 to 90.  


More information - and more improvements - will be communicated later on in the season, so stay tuned!

More bands confirmed! Another 21 of the 90 acts that will be performing at the Sweden Rock Festival this summer are now confirmed: In Flames, Social Distortion, Within Temptation, Saga, Kvelertak, Trouble, Walter Trout, Haken, Orange Goblin, Victory, Månegarm, Praying Mantis, Satan Takes A Holiday, The Coffinshakers, Narnia, Art Nation, Magic Pie, Horisont, Overdrive, Siena Root and VA Rocks. In Flames have had a successful year, getting praise for both their new album "I, the mask", and their new rhythm section, which has been called the bands' best ever. No expenses will be spared when one of Swedens' biggest metal bands go "all-in" upon...
Published 10 December 2019 at 11:00
1-day tickets released later Many are asking about 1-day tickets, but these will not be released until later on - when we have announced more of the line-up and know which bands are to play on which day. Historically the 1-day tickets have gone on sale around January/February.
Published 28 November 2019 at 10:33
Published 25 November 2019 at 21:56
Information about ticket purchases TICKETS FOR SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2020 GO ON SALE WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 27th AT 11 AM. Last year, the tickets sold out fast, so if you wish to snatch yours for 2020 you will probably need to be on your toes. For detailed information and advice on how you make your purchase as efficient as possible, check out this LINK.
Published 25 November 2019 at 09:44


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