Info about tickets / ticket exchange

On Tuesday June 5th at 14:00 we will open the ticket exchange, where you exchange your ticket for a festival wristband. The ticket exchange is located in the same spot as last year.


The wristband will be placed directly on your wrist as you make the exchange, which means that the person who is planning to use the ticket needs to be the one to pick the wristband up.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, everyone holding a 4-day, 3-day or Wednesday ticket can make their exchange. If you have a 1-day ticket for Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you need to wait to make the exchange until the day when the ticket is valid. This rule is put in place so that the lines will work as efficiently as possible each day.


On order to verify the age of children or youth, you need to bring either an ID card or a passport. Please also keep in mind that children under the age of 13 need to wear earmuffs whenever they're on the festival area. (If needed, earmuffs can be bought in the ticket exhchange customer service for 50 SEK.) 


At the ticket exchange customer service, you can also pick up your shuttle-bus wristband (if you have bought one of those).


As there are a number of people taking advantage of this year's great interest in the festival, we strongly discourage everyone to buy black market tickets on site at the festival. If you buy tickets online, we recommend that you use the services of either Seatwave or Ticketswop. In order to curb the black market on site, we will sell a very limited amount of tickets in the ticket exchange. These tickets consist of non-used or left-over tickets from partners or bus companies.


Please note that there will NOT be any 4-day tickets available, nor any 1-day tickets for Wednesday. There will only be a small amount of 3-day tickets and 1-day for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The 3-day tickets can be bought on Tuesday, while the Thursday, Friday and Saturday tickets can only be bought on the day of their validity. The maximum purchase is two tickets, and one wristband will be placed on you in the ticket exchange directly.


As we foresee that these very limited number of tickets will sell very quickly, we discourage anyone to travel far in hopes of buying a ticket.


Opening hours for the ticket exchange

Tuesday June 5th: 14:00-23:00 

Weneday June 6th: 08:00-01:00

Thursday June th: 08:00-24:00 

Friday June 8th: 09:00-23:30 

Saturday June 9th: 09:00-23:30

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