Sweden Rock Rescue: there to ensure your health

Sweden Rock Rescue is the festival's own health and medicare organization. 


Sweden Rock Rescue handles everything from simple injuries to advanced pre-hospital care on site. The team treats heart problems, diabetes, wounds, etc. When needed, patients are forwarded to a nearby hospital. 


In total, the Sweden Rock Rescue team consists of about 60 persons, amongst others: 

  • Head of medicial safety
  • Supervisory physician 
  • Emergency doctors
  • Specialists
  • Dentist
  • Psychologist
  • Naprapath
  • 40 persons from the Red Cross (i.e. nurses)
  • medically trained staff from the civil defence

You can find Sweden Rock Rescue right outside the festival area. 


In addition to Sweden Rock Rescue, the festival is also staffed by organizations and authorities such as the County Medicare and crisis staff from the Municipality. 


Spread out across the festival area, we have in total eight defribillators available. 



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