Access, Parking and Assistant

If you are disabled and need to use the handicap entrance, park close to the festival area, or bring an assistant, you can apply via the link below. (You are allowed to bring along one assistant at no cost.)

Application form


Disability Camp Site

Disability camp site will be available at Rockcampen, close by the festival area. Rockcampen offers a separate area for disabled, with customized showers, lavatories and service. For information about prices and booking, check out Rockcampen's website or send a mail to info@rockcampen.se Please observe that there are a limited amount of space, so make your reservation in time.


Other services
In front of the two big stages we have handicap ramps (the other two stages are located in a slope).

Handicap toilets can be found in the backstage area and on the camping site.

For more information, contact:

Niclas Persson

Phone: +46-70-919 09 50



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