Tickets are out on October 9th


Do you want to play with your band at Sweden Rock Festival 2015?


Now it´'s time to start up our big band competition where, in the end, 4 bands will get a chance to play Sweden Rock Festival 2015.
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Tickets to be released on October 9th at 9 am!

On Thursday October 9th at 09.00 in the morning, the first tickets for the 2015 edition of the Sweden Rock Festival will be made available!

Limited edition 3- and 4-day tickets will be released first, along with an equally limited batch of 4-day VIP tickets. All limited edition tickets include a unique Sweden Rock T-shirt. A total of just 3000 tickets, all varieties included, will be up for grabs.

When these 3000 tickets are sold out, the regular 3- and 4-day tickets and the 4-day VIP tickets will be made available. The regular tickets do not include a T-shirt. 1-day tickets will be made available in the spring.

The tickets will have two new features for next year: the first is that the official festival programme will be included in the ticket price. Until now, programmes have been sold at the festival area - next year you will get one for free when exchanging your ticket for a festival wrist band. The second new feature is that free WiFi access will also be included in the ticket price. WiFi access was available for purchase in 2014, but will now be available at open hot spots spread out over the festival area.

Everyone buying a festival ticket before Christmas will also have the chance to win one of 20 signed electric guitars and various other prices. Competitions will be held throughout the autumn, so the sooner you buy your ticket, the better your chance at winning.

The first confirmed artists for next year's festival will be announce at the Rockbåten cruise on October 10th-12th and on our website shortly afterwards.

Welcome to Sweden Rock Festival 3-4-5-6 June 2015!

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