80 bands, five stages. Classic rock, hard rock, metal and even some blues - something for all tastes. Clean and neat, safe and secure. Ocean-near location, cozy grass hillsides, real lavatories and a minimum of lines. But most of all, a really friendly and good-natured atmosphere. Like one big family, with members from over 50 countries. The best audience in the world, quite frankly. Sweden Rock Festival - 25 years of rock.





Band competition settled

This year's band competition is now settled! Norwegian sleaze rockers NITRAIN came in as number one, Swedish melodic hard rockers SAFFIRE secured second place, and American punk rock n rollers WARNER DRIVE ended up on spot number three! Besides these three winners, Sweden Rock's promotors have chosen to give this year's "wild card" to American BANDITOS, who deliver a fantastic mix of bluegrass, country, punk, southern rock, boogie rock n roll etc. Congratulations to all winning bands! We look forward to seeing you at Sweden Rock!   1. NITERAIN - NORWAY   2. SAFFIRE - SWEDEN   3. WARNER DRIVE - USA   Wild Card. BANDITOS - USA   FINAL RESULT: 1. NiteRain - Norway 2. Saffire - Sweden 3. Warner Drive - USA 4. Frontback - Sweden 5. Strangers - Spain 6. The Pete Flesh Deathtrip - Sweden 7. Reverse Grip - Canada 8. Banditos - USA 9. Friday Night Specials - Sweden 10. Sold My Soul - Poland h 11. Eleine - Sweden 12. Jolly Joker - Spain 13. With Heavy Hearts - Sweden 14. Permian Incident - Norwa

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