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The press accreditation application system will open on January 16th.


Each year, Sweden Rock Festival welcomes 4-500 journalists and photographers from all over the world. In order to receive an accreditation, you need to have a verifyable assignment to cover the festival, from an established magazine or other established media channel.

With an approved Sweden Rock media accreditation, you will be able to use any public entrance of your choice to enter the festival area.



You will also be given access the press tent, located in the VIP area. In the tent we have prepared a number of work stations for your convenience, where you can work, charge your mobile phone/laptop batteries and have a rest or escape the weather.

All work stations are equipped with network cables. Please note that it is not allowed to leave equipment behind to "reserve" a work station when it is not being used. Equipment occupying unused work stations will be collected by the press team.

A limited number of free security deposit boxes will be available on a first come, first served basis (we have added a few more boxes this year). In addition, there is a public storage service, run by a third party, available right by the main entrance. Someone from the press team will always be at your service in the press tent, so if you need any help or info - just come see us there!


INTERVIEWSWith over 80 bands playing and som many accredited journalists, we're afraid the Sweden Rock organization is not able to organize any band interviews. This means that if you wish to interview a certain band or artist, please contact the bands/artists press contact. A list of contacts will be sent out to all accredited journalists before the festival.If you plan to do interviews at the festival area and want a quiet, private place to do them, we can let you use the press team office container. Talk to any of the press team staff about this. Important if/when you book artist interviews: Everything our artists do during the festival is listed in an all-inclusive schedule for each artist. This will also be synchronized with transports and dressing room times. In order for this to work properly, we kindly ask you to send all planned/confirmed interviews, photo sessions etc that you may book to julia@swedenrock.com - previous to the opening of the festival!


PHOTO VESTSAt Sweden Rock Festival, there are no rules against bringing any kinds of cameras or film equipment onto the festival grounds. This means that everyone is allowed to take pictures anywhere on site. The only limitation is that only photographers who have been granted one of the 80 photo vests are allowed in the photo pits in front of the stages. You must wear your photo vest at all times when in the photo pit.

If granted a vest, you will pick it up at the accreditation check-in. You will have to pay a cash deposit of 200 SEK, but that money will be returned to you when you return the vest to the press team staff in the press tent. 





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