For the 2017 festival, the same bus company as last year (Swebus) will be responsible for the shuttle buses. In other words, most things will work in the same manner, but a good piece of news if you are staying all four days, is that it is now possible to buy a bus wristband instead of bus tickets. This will allow you to ride the bus as many times as you wish, without the hassle of buying tickets for each trip.


The 2017 time table for festival shuttle buses is now completed. The shuttle buses take you back and forth between the festival area and the following close-by towns: Sölvesborg, Hällevik, Karlshamn, Bromölla, Kristianstad, Olofström and Ronneby. You can take a look at the time tables here


Tickets and prices

Single or round-trip tickets for the shuttle buses can be bought outside the Sölvesborg train station or at the bus shed in festival area. You can also buy tickets on the bus or at some camp sites/hotels (Kolleviks Camping, Hälleviks Camping, First Hotel Carlshamn, Best Western Hotel Karlshamn). February 25th, Swebus will also open their on-line shop where you will be able to buy shuttle bus tickets as well.

The prices for each route can be found on the time table


Bus wristbands

If you are attending all four festival days, it might be well worth it to buy a bus wristband instead of single bus tickets. You will then be able to ride the bus within your zone as much as you like, and you woun't need to stand in line to buy tickets. (Or keep track of already-bought tickets, for that matter...)

You can pre-order the wristband via the ticketing system

Print out the confirmation, which you then exchange for the bus wristband at the regular ticket exchange at the festival area.

The first trip to the festival area, your wristband confirmation will be valid as ticket.


Payment methods

You will be able to pay for your bus rides in one of the following ways:  

·       Bus wristband

·       Cash at the bus shed at the festival

·       Credit card on bus

·       Web shop (Swebus)





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